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I had a rather uneventful weekend (aside from watching my sister run the half marathon, which she crushed) and then this week got a little crazy--this has been both good and an adjustment, as most of my weekdays usually consist of work and wine and DVR recordings of shows I'm too tired to stay up for.

On my radar:

  • I had dinner with my old boss and friend here, and I can't recommend it enough for those outside metro Boston--the bolognese is always delicious, and we did an impromptu rosé tasting that was so good. 
  • I really hesitated reading Fates and Furies because I had read some mixed reviews, but I'm over halfway through and I'm loving it--it's definitely heavy on Greek mythology, but not to the point where you can't enjoy it if you don't have that background (which I do not).
  • I think every girl needs a pair of Jack Rogers, and I'm so close to pulling the trigger on these for my niece. 
  • The warmer weather is making me want to get some popsicle molds so I can make every single one of these boozy popsicles.

Happy Easter!


ravioli with balsamic brown butter.

After having those incredible spring-like temps this past weekend, Monday was cold and rainy and sleety and gross. I was craving something comforting for dinner last night, so I quickly whipped up some ravioli with balsamic brown butter and toasted walnuts using this recipe. I halved it since I only had one package of ravioli, and I used Trader Joe's Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Triangoli which was okay, but not my favorite. This sauce was super easy though, and it felt a little fancy for a Monday--it would be good on any variety of ravioli...I'm thinking butternut squash next time.


weekend things.

perfect spray roses from Whole Foods

a delicious blood orange mimosa

popover from Judie's with shrimp, avocado and a side salad

pizza from my favorite Western Massachusetts establishment

backgammon on the sunny deck with Olive and my mom

This weekend was a good one--Friday was super low key and I had sushi and wine with my dad. Saturday my sister and I headed west to go visit our grandparents. We stopped at Whole Foods and picked up flowers for them (and they were having a 3 for $12 tulip sale so we stocked up on those as well). We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and grabbed pizza to bring home.

Sunday I did 3 miles with my mom and we celebrated by having nachos and beer--then we spent the rest of the afternoon on my deck drinking wine and playing backgammon which was such a treat. I keep thinking back to last year with all of the snow that didn't melt until well into April, so I'm going to enjoy every sunny day we get. Here's to a good week.


loving lately.

one line a day journal

I was gifted this journal at Christmas, and I've actually written in it every night before bed--I love that you're limited with how much you can write (since my days are often pretty mundane) and I can't wait until next year when I can see what I was doing that day the year before.

S'well Bottle 

After using my mom's S'well bottle more times than she would have liked, I finally pulled the trigger on my own. I'm weird about water and need it ice cold--I'll only drink room temperature H20 if I'm dying of thirst, and the insulation on this baby does the trick. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I take a sip hours after filling it up and it's still chilly. I bought the 25 oz., but now I'm thinking I need the 17 oz., too.

J.Crew short-sleeve shift

The recent warm weather has given me a serious case of spring fever, and I have my eye on this dress--shifts are a closet staple. I love how easy they are to throw on with a pair of flats or sandals, and this one is definitely getting added to my wish list.


hermés x framebridge.

A couple of years ago, my accomplished equestrienne aunt gave me a gorgeous vintage Hermés scarf. I had always planned on getting it framed so I could enjoy it regularly, but I wasn't quite sure where to have it done because I was nervous with such a sentimental piece. After a little bit of research, I decided to go with Framebridge. Because the size of the scarf (35" x 35") exceeds their standard framing pricing, I sent an e-mail and worked with the super helpful Caroline to figure things out. I ultimately went with a 2.5" mat and the Newport frame--they provided a shipping label and my scarf was on it's way. In less than a week and a half (!), my frame arrived.

I am so, so happy with how it turned out. I love walking into my living room and immediately being drawn to it: the finished product is so dramatic and elegant. I will definitely be using Framebridge again.


weekend things.

I had a really relaxing, low-key weekend and it was perfect. Friday my sister and I headed north to Pearl Oyster and it did not disappoint. We had their signature margarita, shared crunchy oysters, and I got the sweet and sour noodles while she had the Tom Yum soup and Thai Caesar salad. Everything was so delicious and fresh and the service was great--and I also got in some serious sister bonding time which meant the world to me. She's the best.

Saturday I did some grocery shopping and spent the majority of the day snuggling with Olive and watching House of Cards.

Sunday morning I was up early to get a run in, and made the unsurprising decision to bail on my half marathon in a couple of weeks. I'm really frustrated with myself because I feel like I always sign up for things and then don't put the training in and have to call it quits, and that's something I really need to work on. I think I'm going to focus on building up my mileage this spring--my goal is to comfortably run 10 miles no problem, and then I'll revisit adding in some longer races. For now it will just be 5 and 10ks, and cheering on my sister who crushes running on the regular.

I ended my Sunday with Ina's spicy turkey meatballs and more Frank Underwood--and while I'm only halfway through, I'm loving this season so much more than Season 3--so much more exciting.