three cookbooks I'm amped for.

It's no secret that I love to cook, and I'm really excited about the upcoming release of three cookbooks this fall.

And if that means a plethora of leftovers, so be it.

nothing fancy, Alison Roman

Alison Roman is a queen, and I can't wait for her second cookbook, Nothing Fancy to come out on October 22nd. The Stew is one of my favorite recipes of all time, and I love her no-nonsense approach to food (especially her Instagram responses to people asking for substitutions). Nothing Fancy is touted as making impromptu gatherings easy, and I think I'll definitely need to add this one to my bookshelf.

half baked harvest super simple, tieghan gerard
When it comes to comfort food, Tieghan always hits it out of the park and I'm really looking forward to her second cookbook, Half Baked Harvest Super Simple, to be released on October 29th. A lot of the recipes are crockpot/instant pot friendly, and you can't beat a "set it and forget it" approach.

pastry love, Joanne Chang

Joanne Chang is the mastermind behind Flour Bakery and Myers and Chang in Boston, and her new cookbook is supposed to be the next baking Bible. Pastry Love takes you from beginner level recipes to those more advanced, and as someone who loves to bake, this is totally on my list to firm up my skills (it's out November 5th).


um, hello.

my autumnal mantle. 

Oh, hey. It's been a while.

I was talking with my parents a couple of weekends ago about the old blog and whether I should just shut it down, and my dad somewhat bluntly asked "Does anyone even read it?". And while I think the answer to that question is no, I've decided I'm not quite ready to give it up. Granted, that means coming here and writing something down more than once every two months, but I'm up for the challenge. Even if there's no one out there (aside from the sporadic spam comments), I'm going to give this another shot for me. I like it here.

So summer is over and the leaves are changing and I've been welcoming the cooler temps with open arms (the loss of daylight, not so much). August and September were pretty good over all (albeit with some bumps in the road, including Olive having stomach problems that lasted for way too long), but we're on the up and up! I would call my summer bucket list a 30% success, and I'm okay with that. Sometimes I'm a little overeager with my goals.

Other than that, the summer to fall closet switch has taken place, the crockpot has made its annual debut, and I'm really looking forward for the next couple of months. October through December are truly my favorite times of year, and I have some fun things on the horizon.

So I'm back. Here's to blogging.