a couple of condo things.


moved my mirror from the corner and mounted it on the wall, with a peek at my new dresser.

new dresser.

new hardware.

I hadn't made a ton of changes to my place in the past year or so, and I recently got the itch to made some improvements. First up was getting a new dresser (this one from West Elm)--I have a pretty large walk in closet and haven't needed a dresser the whole time I've lived here, but I'm finally putting in a washer and dryer and need the extra closet space. My building has laundry in the basement and there is a laundromat a block away, but I'm at the point where I've had enough. I'm honestly surprised I made it this long without one, and I'm super excited to get this taken care of.

I also added new hardware to my kitchen cabinets--when I moved in the cabinets were basic wood and my mom painted them which made a huge difference (thanks, Mom!) and I finally installed hardware last weekend. I went this these knobs, these pulls for the cabinets and these pulls for my drawers (not shown) from Rejuvenation, and it's crazy how such a little thing can make such a big impact. After I figured out how to correctly use a drill (clockwise, not counterclockwise) it was easy.

There are still some things I'd love to upgrade, like appliances and a bathroom redo, but these small changes are already making be very happy.


new year, same me.


a january mood.

Hello! Yes, I'm still here, and I'm fully embracing the concept of a gentle january (which honestly, is so much better than trying to attack a new year with aggressive energy and being burnt out before the month is over with). That's not to say I don't have any big plans--I definitely do, and some are already being chipped away at, but I'm also giving myself a little grace. January through March are tough months, and if I need to sleep a little longer in the mornings and maybe not have a smoothie for breakfast, that's okay.

The end of 2022 was a whirlwind, but was really nice. I spent the holidays with family, and was able to make it up to Quebec between Christmas and New Year's, which was perfect--so cozy and so many croissants.

I'm working on some condo updates and also am trying to figure out travel plans--I'm definitely going to Colorado this summer but might need a bigger trip. Europe? We shall see. And I'm also trying to get back into running shape--I ended up deferring the Chicago marathon last year due to multiple injuries and have been going to PT, so I'm hoping it's in the cards this fall.

In case there was any doubt, Mabel continues to be a delight and an absolute sweetheart.

I'm hoping you're being gentle with yourself as we start 2023, and I promise to not be a stranger.