life lately.

Strawberry pie workshop with Joy the Baker.

Lounging with a pre-sneeze Olive. 
Views from a freezing and rainy Chicago architecture tour.

Kinoko Mochi from Slurping Turtle

Oh, hello! I'm currently typing this in a very sleep deprived state while waiting for a flight to northern California for work. It's been a long day, and I'm wiped.

But things are good--I spent the past weekend in Chicago for a Mother's Day/sister trip. We had a great time staying at the Drake, hit up some old haunts and had the best meal I've had in a long time at Roister. It was so good to have some mother/daughter time, especially now that we're living farther apart.

The weekend before that I was in Boston making strawberry pies with my mom and Joy the Baker, and it was seriously the best--she is so nice and down to earth and a truly incredible cook/baker. I think it's always a little scary meeting people you've followed online or admired from afar (lest they be total assholes) and I can say without hesitation she is a total sweetheart of a person. And, we made delicious pies which was icing on the cake of the day.

Other than that, my weekends and work have been super busy, but really great. I think the only thing I can complain about is the weather, which has been hovering in the low 50s with near-constant rain (but if that's my only gripe, that's not too bad).

Here's to a good week--I hope spring has sprung where you are.