a girl can never have too many cocktail napkins.

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butternut squash risotto.

One of my most favorite recipes to make when the temperature dips is Ina Garten's Butternut Squash Risotto (recipe here and also in her Family Style cookbook). It's easy, delish and it reheats well--perfect to make on a Sunday and enjoy through the week. (If you're making this for one, I recommend halving the recipe. You'll still be left with pounds of risotto-y goodness).

A couple of years ago, my dear friend S. hosted a dinner party at her amazing apartment in Boston. I made this dish to rave reviews, but I also committed the cardinal sin of dinner party cooking: I spent too much time in the kitchen cooking/drinking copious amounts of wine and ultimately didn't eat enough food.

Needless to say, later that evening I left my mark (quite literally) on the sidewalk of the South End and my favorite pair of boots.

But a testament to the fabulousness of this recipe is that I still make it frequently--it's so good that the terrible aftermath of that fateful dinner party is (mostly) forgotten.

Lesson learned: Ina's Butternut Squash Risotto is delectable and a gallon of wine on an empty stomach is no bueno.



I get to work from home two days a week, which means I need to look quasi-presentable for 3 days. Totally doable.

(Forgive my crappy pictures--I don't have a tripod and my roommate doesn't have opposable thumbs. Or any thumbs, for that matter).

Someone is bored by my selfies.


weekend in pictures and three things.

Croissant for breakfast // Afternoon birthday champagne with my mom and sis // Pippin at the table // Olive wanting leftovers // Eggs Benedict on waffles

I bring my fancy camera everywhere and I never take any pictures. My siblings and their spouses all convened at my parents' house to celebrate my mom's birthday (it was so fun), but instead of taking pictures of them I took pictures of dogs and food. I need to step up my photography game in a major way.

Cinnamon is really delicious if you add it to your coffee before you brew. But make sure you're adding cinnamon, and not cumin. Cumin is not delicious in coffee.

I am seriously entering hibernation mode. I'm concerned because daylight savings hasn't even happened yet, and I find myself ready to snooze at a completely unacceptable hour. I don't even want to say what time I went to bed on Friday.

 Okay, it was 7:30. And it was awesome.

How was your weekend?



Ahhh Friday, I'm always so glad to see you. Looking forward to celebrating Big Sooz's birthday (that's my mom) and spending a little time on the couch.

Eh, who are we kidding? A lot of time.


in love with L&G.

A couple of weeks ago, Victoria from vmac & cheese did a post about a gorgeous console table from Lulu & Georgia. I have been a longtime fan of L&G (and Victoria), and I was super pumped that they were offering her readers a 20% discount on their entire purchase.

It was a sign. I had to buy something.

Being the fiscally responsible person that I am, I limited myself to one item: the lalita rug. I've been wanting to add a pop of color to my hallway for a while, and I'm really happy with the result.

I think it says "welcome to my lady lair."

I could have gone super crazy and bought this, this, and this but I exercised a restraint I didn't know I had (and don't know if I'll ever find again).

Have you ever shopped L&G?


apple, brie, and prosciutto sandwiches.

Last weekend I had an apple that was begging to be jazzed up, and I thought, what better way to jazz up an apple than by smothering it with brie and crispy prosciutto?

There is no better way.

So, I sliced up the apple and some brie:

I buy the mini brie bites from Trader Joe's for portion control. Not that I've ever eaten an entire wheel of normal-sized brie in one sitting. That's definitely not something I would do.*

I fried up the prosciutto nice and crispy and assembled my sandwich:

And, after a little time getting melty in some butter, voila!

A jazzy way to eat an apple, courtesy of me.

* that is a boldfaced lie.


in a nutshell.

This is me:

This is my guard dog and faithful companion, Olive:

We live here:

I'm an attorney by day, trash TV-watcher by night. I love experimenting in the kitchen and equestrianism. I hate goat cheese and drying my hair.

And I'm equal parts fascinated and horrified by humboldt squid.


oh, hello again.

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After a brief blogging hiatus, I decided that I missed it.

Sometimes people change their minds about things.

So please sit back, relax, and get ready for some more choice drivel.

You're welcome.