happy weekend.

This week has been crazy: I'm so glad I had a little R&R last weekend in Maine because I've been running around nonstop. Between work and a pretty surreal situation concerning my apartment, I'm wiped (I'll share the apartment story next week--it's too funny). I'm totally ready to relax over the next two days...a Downton marathon and sushi are calling my name.

Have a great weekend!


borrowing from the boys.

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This past weekend when I was up in Maine I popped into the Ralph Lauren outlet on a desperate search for some sort of a poncho. (Because, aren't all searches related to ponchos utterly desperate?) Instead of leaving with what I had in mind, I walked out with two men's shirts--for me. I think there's something so chic about a woman wearing an oversized men's shirt. Frankly, I'm ready to throw all of my lady versions out the window--the men's are so much more comfortable, and I don't have the button problem where I walk around town inadvertently showing off my brassiere. 

Would you borrow from the boys?


happy weekend.

What. A. Week. I'm flying home today, and then driving up to the Maine for the weekend. Looking forward to a little R&R, a lot of oysters and being reunited with my four-legged friend.


classing up the joint.

I've officially lived in my apartment for a year. When I moved in, I had everything set up the way I wanted it in a matter of days--since it was kind of weird to be living on my own again (after cohabiting with someone for four years) I wanted it to feel like "home" immediately. For the past year, everything has worked out just fine but I'm at the point where I want to make little changes to class things up. I think I got a little too matchy-matchy, and some minor tweaks are necessary.

The inspiration:

I really, really love my hallway--the Lulu & Georgia rug provides such a fun pop of color, and I think I want to incorporate more fuschias, navys and greys in my living area.

The living room:

I went overboard with the orange in here--I've since reduced my number of orange pillows down to one pair, and I've already started the update process through a great pair of navy pillow covers from C.Wonder. I think I'm going to stick with the navy on my loveseat, and I want to add a splash of pink with these on the sofa:

{ via

Also, I really want to add a chaise to that corner--my grandmother has had a chaise lounge in her bedroom for as long as I can remember, and I think they're so glamorous. I can totally see dramatically throwing myself on it after a particularly trying day (or, curling up with a book). This is exactly what I'm looking for, and you can't beat the price:

{ via }

The kitchen:

There's not a lot that needs to be changed here (I've stashed my orange utensils in a drawer), but I think I'd like to add a small rug--I'm leaning towards this one from L&G:

{ via }

And that's pretty much it--I might want to get a table for the entryway at some point, but if I could make the aforementioned changes, I think I'd be content.



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I'm off on a quick work trip to Chicago. I'm exhausted already.

Making a living is tough.


peanut butter oatmeal smoothie.

I'm all about quick and easy breakfasts--I tend to be a bit all over the place in the mornings, so I need something that's quick, easy and (hopefully) healthy. I originally found this recipe on Pinterest, but I did a couple of tweaks to suit my tastes--this keeps me full until lunch (unless I'm having a particularly ravenous day, which has been known to happen every so often).

What you need:

  • 8 oz. of milk
  • 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon
  • 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4 cup of oatmeal
What you do:
(this is super tricky)
  • Put ingredients in cup and blend.
And there you have it--an easy, filling yummy breakfast that if you close your eyes and concentrate, kind of tastes like a cold, liquid cookie.


weekend in pics.

I had the laziest weekend in recent memory and it was fab. u. lous. I've been a bit of a social butterfly over the past couple of weeks, and with a crazy 7 days ahead of me, I needed to channel my inner sloth. Luckily, it wasn't difficult.

I baked a Valentine's Day cake. For myself.
I proceeded to eat said cake for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, because cake is like a donut when you really think about it--totally breakfast-acceptable.

I enjoyed the perfect Valentine's Day dinner of sushi and Prosecco, and watched "It's Complicated".
I did some light reading.
I had some quality time with this lovely lady.
And I got my carb on with some meaty pasta and garlic bread.
I also gave myself a manicure, washed my floors, and took a bath. It was perfection.


channeling the tropics.

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Gray Malin, take me away. It's another day, another foot of snow in New England--I'm really, really getting sick of this. The only positives are 1) I get to work from home in my sweatpants 2) I can ogle all of these beach photos and mentally transport myself to a tropical locale.

I promise the "I hate winter posts" won't be a weekly long as Mother Nature promises no more snow until December.

It's a fair deal.


nespresso love.

I've been known to exaggerate things, but I swear my Nespresso machine has changed my life.

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I used to stop at Starbucks at least once a week when I went to work, and when I went, I would cheerfully fork over the $4 or $5 for a vanilla latte--since Christmas, I've gone to a Starbucks once (and that was only because I ran out of milk at my house--plus, while I was there, I picked up a bottle of their vanilla syrup so I could have my beloved vanilla lattes at home). I am obsessed with this machine--it's super easy, the espresso is so smooth and the pods themselves are cheap. You have to buy them in sleeves of ten, but it ends up being around $.65 per pod. I know the machine itself is a little pricey but I cannot stress enough how great it is--it's so worth it.


think spring.

We got over a foot of snow yesterday. To say that Olive is not pleased is an understatement. I know that's what I get for living in New England, but come on--and, we have another potential major storm in the works for this weekend. It's gotten to the point where I find myself wistful for rain and mud.

I'll imagine I'm enjoying the items below instead of clomping around town in my Sorels.

think spring.

1. 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8.


chicago recap part II.

This trip was 99% about food. My sister and I love to eat, and Chicago has such a plethora of fabulous restaurants--we were in heaven. When we arrived Friday morning, we checked into our hotel and promptly made our way to the Slurping Turtle. [Well, we went there after we stopped at Firecakes for donuts, because...donuts]. The restaurant is owned by Takashi Yagihashi of Top Chef Masters fame, and its executive chef, Aaron Cuschieri was on Top Chef New Orleans this past season. (Aaron was actually there when we ate lunch, which was rather fun.) It was restaurant week, so we were each able to get an appetizer, bowl of ramen, and dessert for $22--it was an insane amount of food. Later that night, we were still stuffed from lunch so we went to the quiet bar at Keefer's for martinis and salads (and a complimentary pesto pizza that I promptly inhaled).

L-R: Slurping Turtle /  duck fat fried chicken / ramen / drinks and pizza at Keefer's
Saturday began with brunch at Sable, and our love affair with this restaurant/bar continued throughout the weekend. We had visited for drinks last year, and decided to try it out for brunch since it was attached to the hotel. And it was so friggin good. The executive chef, Heather Terhune was on Top Chef Texas. (Are you sensing a theme here?) After eating brunch Sunday, we promptly made another reservation for Sunday.

L-R: the bar where we made friends and ate beef jerky /  a craft cocktail of vodka, St. Germain, and other secretive goodness / ginger-scallion brown fried rice and eggs / chicken and waffles that I inhaled both Saturday and Sunday / pork belly / steak and eggs
I really cannot sing the praises of Sable enough--I highly recommend if you're ever in the River North area, either for some chicken and waffles or a delicious beverage (their cocktail menu is like a novel).

Saturday night was the main event: we put on our fancy clothes for a 10-course tasting with drink pairings at iNG. iNG stands for "Imagining New Gastronomy", and their menu changes every 6-12 weeks to correlate to a new theme. Through March 1st, the menu is "Salvador Dali" and each course represents one of Dali's works, which was very cool. They even had edible melting clocks.

Another cool aspect of iNG was their use of the "Miracle Berry": twice during our tasting, our server presented us with the course and a small plate with two pills and two wedges of lemon. We were instructed to try everything on our plate, and then eat the pill and wait 30 seconds. The berry binds to your sour and bitter taste receptors and makes everything taste sweet--hence the lemon. After waiting the 30 seconds, you take a bite of the lemon and it tastes sugary sweet so you know the berry has taken effect. Then, you try your course and see how the flavors changed. It was so different, but so fun--and you could purchase the berry pills on your way out if you wanted to flavor trip at home, which my sister (obviously) did.

L-R: me / my sister / the miracle berry / our cocktail served in a beaker

Every tasting I've ever done has been very traditional, so it was really great to do something different at iNG--I'm so glad we decided to go there instead of the more mainstream route. Their presentations were incredible, but it was a true "tasting"--the portions weren't totally out of control, and I didn't feel like I needed to be rolled out of there. The only time I felt like it might be too much was when we had a course with oxtail served in a bone with marrow--it was delicious, but a little heavy and slightly weird. Luckily we switched to a lighter dessert right after that so a potential crisis averted. And they were great with tailoring each course to meet my sister's GF needs.

And that was our trip--nothing too crazy and exactly what we wanted. I'm glad my sister and I are on the same page when it comes to travel priorities. We're a good team. 


chicago recap part I.

My sister and I left for our Chicago trip early Friday morning from Boston. We stayed at Hotel Palomar (thanks to Jetsetter, it was $255 for two nights with two queen beds). I highly recommend.

It wasn't as cold as I was expecting, but Saturday we were met with a bit of a snowstorm. After walking to Millennium Park in slush, we did a little day drinking at Sable in our hats (to let people know we meant business). 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the best part: the FOOD.



I'm still recovering from an epic sister weekend in Chicago. Stay tuned for recaps this week!