the thursday special.


the best fall candle.

I've tried my fair share of fall candles, and I do declare the Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove to be the absolute best. At $38 it's not cheap, but they last a long time, burn more evenly than other brands I've tried, and the jar is cute. Also the smell: it's not a cloying pumpkin (it's more like you spent the last hour baking pumpkin bread) and it's everything you could ever want when channeling those cozy fall vibes. 


september, in pics.


Hello! Not sure where the last month went, but it sure did fly by. Cozy season is upon us, and I am very, very happy. Here's how I spent the last month:

there was a lot of u.s. open watching labor day weekend.

I upgraded my bedside table situation with these beauties from west elm (they have built in chargers!)--I'm quite pleased with the result. 

the bug chewed on my pillow.

I spent a lovely afternoon in Bristol, Maine that reminded me for the umpteenth time why I live here.

got fancy for my cousin's wedding and it was the most fun.

played golf with a dear friend at outlook, which has become my favorite place to play.


the thursday special.


Wilfred - The Only Coat - Aritzia

Wilfred - The Only Coat - Aritzia 

Wilfred - The Only Coat - Aritzia

I know it's the last day in August and people aren't thinking of winter coats, but you should. I have been on the hunt for a classic navy coat for a while now, but I didn't feel like shelling out an insane amount of money. Thanks to Aritzia, I didn't have to. My sister recently picked up some really cute clothes there for work, and when she sent me the link to the Wilfred I jumped on it and I'm SO glad I did. It's super classic and a slightly oversized fit--I took my usual size (M) and it has plenty of room for sweaters. And, it's a wool/cashmere blend that is supposed to keep you warm in temps down to 14° F, so I think I'll be set come later in the fall/winter. Sizes are selling out fast (some sizes/colors are backordered until March 2024), so if you too need a classic coat this season, grab it.


august, in pics.


Well, not sure how another month has speedily passed us by, but here we are: the last (partial) week of August. I am personally very much looking forward to the cozy times to come and easing into all things early fall. Here is what I was up to the past couple weeks:

my sister, brother, and sister-in-law came up for the Gregory Alan Isakov concert at Thompson's Point. We had a delish dinner at Fore Street first, and the concert did not disappoint. 

a fun work outing at a Portland Seadogs game (my first time, and I will definitely go again).

hit up scarborough beach a couple of times and got rather tan.

enjoyed the garden at my parents' house.

went to the cape for a mini bachelorette/ bridal weekend for my cousin who is getting married in september (which is crazy to think about).

ordered a new fancy dress for said wedding. 

had radishes and brown butter at one of my favorite local spots, friends and family.

the bug swallowed and regurgitated a peach pit, which resulted in a trip to the emergency vet and a major freak out from yours truly, but she is fine. 

Here's to getting to getting into the post-summer grind.


the thursday special.


the best water bottle ever?

the magical straw and guzzle option

I recently got an Owala Freesip water bottle after seeing a colleague's during a meeting a work, and I think it might be my most favorite water bottle of all time. It's stainless steel so it keeps drinks super cold and has an optional handle that pops from the top for easy carrying, but what I love most about it is its built-in straw AND the option to guzzle water if that's the method you want to use to drink. And sometimes, you just need to guzzle, you know? This has officially replaced my hydroflask and yeti as my beverage container of choice, and I cannot recommend it enough.


a modern house in nova scotia.


I feel like the New York Times is an overlooked resource when it comes to design inspiration--I absolutely love its Real Estate section and there have been a number of houses (either for sale or featured) that I have bookmarked over the years--here's one of them that was on the market in 2022:

photo by doublespace photography, via NYTimes

photo by doublespace photography via NYTimes

photo by doublespace photography via NYTimes

photo by doublespace photography via NYTimes

photo by doublespace photography via NYTimes

photo by doublespace photography via NYTimes

I've found myself drawn to modern, giant windowed houses more and more--I know there's an aspect to them where you feel like you're on display and living in a fishbowl, but a secluded location on a beach? Sign me up.


the thursday special.


táche pistachio milk

It's no secret that I love pistachio flavored things. As a kid I loved pistachio ice cream (and instant pudding, yikes) and more recently I was a huge fan of the seasonal pistachio latte at Starbucks. So imagine my surprise and utter delight when I discovered táche pistachio milk! I just placed my second order--it's definitely a bit pricey (it ends up being $60 through their website for six 32-ounce cartons if you don't subscribe to autoship) BUT I used this exclusively for coffee during my first order and even with a hefty splash I could stretch a carton for a while. It's slightly sweet, thick, and you get a nice but not overwhelming pistachio flavor in every sip--I love it for making lattes with my nespresso and it's also delish with cold brew.