the thursday special.


the best fall candle.

I've tried my fair share of fall candles, and I do declare the Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove to be the absolute best. At $38 it's not cheap, but they last a long time, burn more evenly than other brands I've tried, and the jar is cute. Also the smell: it's not a cloying pumpkin (it's more like you spent the last hour baking pumpkin bread) and it's everything you could ever want when channeling those cozy fall vibes. 


september, in pics.


Hello! Not sure where the last month went, but it sure did fly by. Cozy season is upon us, and I am very, very happy. Here's how I spent the last month:

there was a lot of u.s. open watching labor day weekend.

I upgraded my bedside table situation with these beauties from west elm (they have built in chargers!)--I'm quite pleased with the result. 

the bug chewed on my pillow.

I spent a lovely afternoon in Bristol, Maine that reminded me for the umpteenth time why I live here.

got fancy for my cousin's wedding and it was the most fun.

played golf with a dear friend at outlook, which has become my favorite place to play.