gallery wall wishlist.

gallery wall wishlist.

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I've been itching to do a gallery wall on my stairway for a while, but I'm seriously lacking when it comes to pieces to put there--I guess that's what I get for trying to furnish a 4-bedroom house by myself. Here are some of the things I've had my eye on, and they are all (relatively) wallet-friendly. 



I had a great time up in Maine. My parents and I headed up Friday night and picked up our favorite Chinese food (seriously, it's the best). My mom and I hit up the outlets and had a really great lunch at Robert's (pictured above), and later we went to the York Harbor Inn for a dinner at the bar. After a quick trip to Trader Joe's on Sunday, we headed home.

Valentine's Day was spent with Olive, and my dad came over to deal with an unfortunate mouse situation. I was psyched to get my taxes taken care of and I had a nice lunch with my brother and his family on Monday. It was rather exhausting being so social. Thank God it's just a four-day week--hopefully my cold has run its course, because I am super behind on half marathon training. I need to get my act together.


happy weekend.

* I was going through old photos on my computer and came across this one I took during my last sister trip to Chicago--really makes me want to go back, even in the dead of winter.

For the first time since law school, I have President's Day off and I am so looking forward to a three-day weekend--although, of course, I caught a nasty cold (nothing that copious amounts of bourbon can't fix). I'm headed up to Maine with Olive and my parents, and I'm hoping to get my act in gear and do some house stuff on Monday. I also need to do a 8-mile run (if my cold permits)--I was doing okay with the whole half marathon training until I decided to take a week and a half off out of pure laziness. Not good.


couch dreams.

couch dreams.

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I am in serious need of a new couch. I realized last week that I've had the same IKEA Ektorp sofa for ten (!!!) years. It's been with me through 4 apartments and my current house, two boyfriends and numerous mental breakdowns when I would wash the slipcovers and sweat profusely putting them back on. Also, the foam where the cushions rest was half-eaten by my old yellow lab Bear when he was a puppy. The time has come for an upgrade.

Part of me wants to go the slipcovered route again (I tend to spill things on the daily), but the other part has always had a soft spot for a sumptuous leather option. I think I'll ultimately go with option #1 (which is neither slipcovered or leather) but they usually have them at the Crate and Barrel outlet for a good deal. And it's so comfortable.


who what wear x target.

{ sleeveless fluted shift }

{ v-neck tunic }

{ cape blazer }

Have you checked out the Target collaboration with Who What Wear? I feel like there wasn't as much hype as there usually is with this launch, which worked out nicely because my local Target had a lot of pieces in stock when I went there days later. I bought the items above (the tunic in black and cream), and the most expensive thing was the cape blazer at $39.99--you can't beat that!


deep thoughts.

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All of Emily McDowell's cards, prints, bags and mugs are my favorite--they're so unique and her empathy cards are especially great.
Shop everything here.


amethyst cake.

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Can you believe this cake??? I stumbled across it on Buzzfeed, and it was made by Intricate Icings Cake Design in Denver, CO. The baker used rock candy to create the stone, and it's so unique and gorgeous and lifelike. I'm obsessed.


happy february.

Oh, hello. It only took me a month, but I'm back with a new design, site and hopefully a little more dedication. Now that I'm more settled with the new job I've been craving a creative outlet--one can only color in an adult coloring book for so long. So, if anyone is still reading this, thanks. I promise I won't fall off the radar (again) when life gets bumpy.