I had a great time up in Maine. My parents and I headed up Friday night and picked up our favorite Chinese food (seriously, it's the best). My mom and I hit up the outlets and had a really great lunch at Robert's (pictured above), and later we went to the York Harbor Inn for a dinner at the bar. After a quick trip to Trader Joe's on Sunday, we headed home.

Valentine's Day was spent with Olive, and my dad came over to deal with an unfortunate mouse situation. I was psyched to get my taxes taken care of and I had a nice lunch with my brother and his family on Monday. It was rather exhausting being so social. Thank God it's just a four-day week--hopefully my cold has run its course, because I am super behind on half marathon training. I need to get my act together.

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  1. Sorry about the mouse. Hopefully it's just one! We always get mice in the winter, must be the old houses. Good thing they don't freak me out, Rob on the other hand...ha.

    And the only Chinese food that I really like is a restaurant by my parents. Their Kung Po Chicken is my favorite!