channeling the tropics.

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Gray Malin, take me away. It's another day, another foot of snow in New England--I'm really, really getting sick of this. The only positives are 1) I get to work from home in my sweatpants 2) I can ogle all of these beach photos and mentally transport myself to a tropical locale.

I promise the "I hate winter posts" won't be a weekly long as Mother Nature promises no more snow until December.

It's a fair deal.


  1. Working from home as well!!! Fuzzy socks & a hoodie & hot tea alllll damn day. And probably a few loads of laundry, bless my building for having machines in the basement.

  2. I love working from home. Just took Jax for a walk and rehanging a pic in my bedroom. Then I will crack down and get work done :)