weekend in pics.

I had the laziest weekend in recent memory and it was fab. u. lous. I've been a bit of a social butterfly over the past couple of weeks, and with a crazy 7 days ahead of me, I needed to channel my inner sloth. Luckily, it wasn't difficult.

I baked a Valentine's Day cake. For myself.
I proceeded to eat said cake for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, because cake is like a donut when you really think about it--totally breakfast-acceptable.

I enjoyed the perfect Valentine's Day dinner of sushi and Prosecco, and watched "It's Complicated".
I did some light reading.
I had some quality time with this lovely lady.
And I got my carb on with some meaty pasta and garlic bread.
I also gave myself a manicure, washed my floors, and took a bath. It was perfection.


  1. Love love love love. Sounds delicious and rejuvenating!

  2. So jealous-- sounds absolutely perfect. Can't wait to perhaps get a boozy lunch in your weekend plans in the future!

  3. Washing the floors sounds more like a chore, but I know once it's done it's a great feeling!