in love with L&G.

A couple of weeks ago, Victoria from vmac & cheese did a post about a gorgeous console table from Lulu & Georgia. I have been a longtime fan of L&G (and Victoria), and I was super pumped that they were offering her readers a 20% discount on their entire purchase.

It was a sign. I had to buy something.

Being the fiscally responsible person that I am, I limited myself to one item: the lalita rug. I've been wanting to add a pop of color to my hallway for a while, and I'm really happy with the result.

I think it says "welcome to my lady lair."

I could have gone super crazy and bought this, this, and this but I exercised a restraint I didn't know I had (and don't know if I'll ever find again).

Have you ever shopped L&G?

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  1. I need that rug. I have never shopped there! I may have checked it out. It thought it was too pricey! More pics of your house!!!