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Admittedly, I'm super late to the bootie game. 

(Disclaimer: if you're looking for the latest in cutting edge fashion, you've come to the wrong blog).

But a plus to being behind on trends is the plethora of price points (alliteration intended) you're faced with once you finally decide to join the party.

My final four contenders were from Target, Express, Madewell, and Rag & Bone ranging from $35 to $495. I initially bought the ones from Target, but I ended up returning them because I did not enjoy the zipper with the blue backing running up the heel. I loved the Madewell ones, but I was feeling a little cheap (truly shocking) and I didn't want to drop $218 on booties. Clearly, the Rag & Bone's were out of the question.

So, thanks to my sister, I went with the ones from Express. I didn't even know they made shoes--the last thing I bought from there was a zebra print polyester skirt circa 2000. But my sis picked these up and I copied her. I'm still trying to figure out what to wear them with, but I am quite happy with my $60 purchase.

Do you bootie? Which are your favorites?


  1. I'm currently wearing $35 booties from Old Navy and adore them. A couple of girls I work with have also hopped on board the ON Train. They're great!

  2. I love booties. However, my legs do not. My ankles are not much smaller than the opening of the booties so they look awful on me! Good choice on the express ones!

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  4. Nice work, girl! Glad you didn't spend hundreds of dollars when you didn't need to! I'm wearing mine right now with tights, a skirt and sweater. BOOM.