I had a total hermit weekend, and it was awesome. The goal was to have as little contact as possible with the outside world. I think I succeeded.

My mom came over for pizza and champagne on Saturday: it was a winning combo // I'm loving Trader Joe's mini pumpkin pies // I made molasses cookies using this mix and they were super easy and delicious // Olive likes to help with cleanup in the kitchen, but her overzealous methods tend to  leave her in an awkward position. 

I otherwise spent hours (and I mean hours) watching Parenthood--I am so late to the game with this show, but I thoroughly enjoyed my mini marathon. I need to catch up.

How was your weekend?


  1. My dog always licks the dishes when I am leading and unloading the dishwasher - dirty or clean. I may not have rewashed the dirty ones.

    Isn't Parenthood amazing? I basically cry every single episode.

    My weekend was insane. I am in detox mode.

  2. I am so obsessed with Olive! She is adorable!