christmas 2013: what I gave.

I love reading all of the gift guides bloggers do before the holidays, but I never do them myself because I would want to include what I'm giving, and that just ruins the surprise. So, you get the aftermath of my holiday gifts.

Christmas 2013: what I gave.

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  1. For my dad, a faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware for cozy football afternoons.
  2. For my sister and her husband, a Gray Malin Italy print to inspire a trip.
  3. For my sister-in-law, an anchor cloche from Anthro to keep her rings displayed.
  4. For my sister (for her birthday, which was on the 22nd), a book on Wes Anderson.
  5. Another birthday present for my sister: because she is one, in the best possible way.
  6. A man satchel for my brother.
  7. Monogrammed wine glasses for my mom.


  1. I gave my sister monogrammed wine glasses last year. The first time I went to visit I broke one. Guess I should have remembered and gotten her new ones this year!!! You are a great gifter!

  2. A great gift giver! I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful sister-- still trying to find the best place for the print but the book is fabulous and I am proud of being a #shadylady