oh, january.

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I must admit, the way Christmas/New Year's fell makes getting back into the swing of things at work rather difficult. I have to work today and tomorrow, and I'm really not feeling it. Maybe when Monday comes I'll be more ready to start fresh? On top of that, we're getting hit with a bit of a snowstorm: 8-15 inches of snow by Friday combined with a windy, bitter cold. Blah.


  1. I felt physically sore yesterday upon realizing I had to come back to work today. But here I am.... loving life...... and things.

  2. I can't believe you all are getting that much snow!!! I think we are only supposed to get a few inches down here in MD. Although, I would love a good blizzard. Work today actually feels like a vacation after all the running around I did over the holiday. Happy New Year!