weekend recap.

This weekend was somewhat uneventful, but I was okay with that--the next three weekends are jam-packed so I'll take my downtime when I can get it. Perhaps most exciting, I finally got my hair cut.

The before:

I seriously can't believe I've been walking around with ends like this.

The after:
I'm a whole new lady.
I had originally planned to go shorter, but I decided cleaning up the ends was good for now. Perhaps once the warmer temps hit, I'll chop. I'm just glad the straw is gone and I'll finally be able to wear it down without looking so crunchy.

I had a delicious lunch with my sis and I busted out the slow cooker and made my favorite winter comfort food--recipe to come this week.

Happy Monday.


  1. BON VOYAGE STRAW!! Looks like a beautiful clean trim. I did a chop back in October and I already want my long hair back :) but it's healthy!

  2. Your hair looks fantastic! And I have that coat, in navy.

  3. Looking good! Love a good haircut!