love lock.

I'm extremely fortunate to have the most wonderful boss ever. She's supportive, understanding and pushes me to grow in ways I didn't know I could.

And she gives the best presents.

This past spring, she and her husband were planning a trip to Paris. We talked about all of the must-see places they had to visit, and I mentioned the Pont des Arts bridge (also know as the "Love Locks Bridge"). As controversial as the practice of attaching a lock to a bridge and throwing away the key to the river below is, I'm of the position that it's a romantic gesture.*

Upon their return from Paris, I was presented with my own set of keys. They had given me a love lock of my own:

Yes, it's a love lock with my dog. But is there a truer love than the love you have for your pet? Methinks not. I found it so thoughtful and sweet (albeit a little unconventional) and it makes me happy that there's a little piece of me and my French Bulldog in Paris. They framed the photos for me and I have them hanging in my bedroom with the keys included.

*Romance aside, I totally get why there is an anti-lock crusade--architecturally and aesthetically it doesn't really fly.

But I still love it.

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