life lately: fall edition.

I really didn't mean to disappear the last couple of weeks--things have been a little crazy. Between traveling for work and a rather packed social schedule, my creative computer time has been seriously lacking.

{I also have something pretty major (may-juh) in the works--keeping a tight lid for now, but November has the potential for something huge. Are you intrigued? Good.}

So, here's what I've been up to as of late:

{left to right, top to bottom}

  • MET and I spent a lovely, rainy weekend in Kennebunkport. We enjoyed the foggy coastline and copious amounts of beverages.
  • I've completely fallen off the workout train and thought that maybe setting my alarm to "self-shaming" mode would be a motivator. It didn't work.
  • I had a wonderful time in upstate NY with my college friend N--it was so much fun to catch up, and her little ones are an absolute riot.
  • MET and I also ventured to western Mass. for a night at the Red Lion--we were definitely the youngest people in the town (it was a leaf peepers convention of sorts) but we had a great time.
  • I did a quick trip to Maine with my parents--I love it so much in the off season, and the York Reading Room is my favorite spot.  
  • I FINALLY upgraded to the 6 from the 4s. Total game changer.
  • Olive snuggles.
  • I enjoyed the fall foliage from the comfort of my couch. 
So that's that.


  1. I'm going from 4S to..... 5 soon. I am slow to accept change.

    Cannot wait for your November revelations!

  2. I want a weekend away in the NE! Looks so perfect. Was just thinking about a trip to Newport...


    Looks like you are having an amazing fall. So obsessed with Olive.