serena and lily wallpaper.

One of the bedrooms in my house is covered in a rather unfortunate yellow/marigold wallpaper. (MET refers to it as the "scary room".) I think the easiest way to deal with it is to cover it with new wallpaper, but I've been struggling with what kind to choose--the options seem endless.

I was recently perusing the Serena and Lily website for a baby gift, and lo and behold, they have their own wallpaper line. I had no idea.

Clockwise from top left: Palmetto, Herringbone, Peridot, Lamu

I'm leaning towards the Palmetto for the scary room, but I'm also thinking the Lamu would be perfect for my bedroom. 

I suddenly want to wallpaper every surface of my house.


  1. The top left is my favorite. And I love wallpaper. My next house will def have a few rooms with it!

  2. I'm sure your "scary room" doesn't come close to our brown and gold floral wallpaper! Love the palmetto, obs.