life lately.


...a certain little lady has loved sleeping in...

...I've been loving pool lounging, although it has resulted in red and crispy skin (despite numerous sunscreen applications)...

...I baked up some cupcakes using my go-to recipe... mom and I crushed 4 miles before 8 a.m. on a Saturday...

...and I enjoyed some rosé on the rocks in KPT with someone who is surprisingly agile.

Last week was a bit of a doozy--just when you think you have everything figured out life happens and throws you for a total loop. We needed to get away, and I ended up having a fabulous weekend in Kennebunkport with MET and his family. We're heading back up to Maine midweek for a long vacation and have planned the majority of our activities around eating and it will be one for the books. 


  1. I realized with a jolt in the last week or so that when life throws those loops, I feel so grounded with family around doing "normal" things. I never thought I'd be somebody who could be healed by the mundane, but it's incredible. Plus, Maine = amazingness. Enjoy!

  2. My life revolves around eating and drinking the majority of the time. Ha