weekend things.

Starting the week off during the summer is the worst--I always feel like we should have a transition day to ease us back into the whole Monday through Friday grind...but since I don't make the rules I suppose I'll play by them...for now.

Seriously, though, I had a great weekend:

I switched out the hardware on MET's dresser, and it made SUCH a difference--who knew $20 would (aesthetically) go so far?

I finally finished painting the upstairs hall in Revere Pewter-- and I'm loving the result.
I had the best margaritas in recent memory during a sister lunch on Saturday.

I matched my clothes to my dog.
MET is off on two-week sailing adventure, so I've been left to my own devices. I had the best time with my sister on Saturday--we hit up the typical suburban locales and made a random stop into LOFT (a place I had not frequented since I stocked up on conservative pantsuits during an internship with the D.C. D.A.'s office circa 2003). I was pleasantly surprised with my purchases (a romper, striped tank dress and frenchie tee for $70) and will definitely check back in for their fall arrivals.

I also spent some quality cocktail/pool time with my parents, which was fantastic--I love being so close and I look forward to more social activities with them this week.

Happy Monday, I's here whether we like it or not.

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