weekend things.

It's boxwood overload at my house thanks to to Trader Joe's and their $9.99 wreaths. I've been spritzing them with water daily and I'm hoping they last until Christmas.

I made a chocolate cake for Thanksgiving (along with my annual sweet potato contribution), and I think it's a new favorite.
My parents and I went up to Maine and took lots of walks by this cool house--you can't get more oceanfront than this.

I had a really nice Thanksgiving and long weekend. My parents hosted, and everything was delicious. Friday, my mom and I headed up to Maine to do a little shopping (and I was able to cross a couple of people off my list)--we went out to eat, ran a Turkey Trot in the rain on Saturday, took some pics for my Christmas card and enjoyed some strong Manhattans by the fire. It was super low key and relaxing and a perfect recharge for the upcoming holiday craziness. Happy December!

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  1. Happy December! I picked up some wreathes from TJ's as well. They are a great deal. Every time you post about Maine, I am ready to book a flight!