lately, with a dash of wtf.

This past weekend I headed up to Maine for some pre-birthday celebrations. My parents and I had a low-key Friday, and Saturday my sister came up. We headed to Portsmouth where we had a delicious lunch at Martingale Wharf (such a good menu), did some shopping, had drinks at Rudi's and then dinner at the YHI. On Sunday we stopped at our club for a quick lunch and I proceeded to get a little sunkissed while sitting outside on my parents' Adirondack chairs. It was such a great weekend, and I was sorry to see it end...and then I had my WTF moment.

On Sunday I was pretty wiped from all of the overindulging, so I went to bed early. At around 9:45 I heard a loud noise, but I was so out of it that nothing really registered and I went back to sleep. 15 minutes later, I woke up to blue flashing lights outside my window and a giant police searchlight streaming across my backyard. I got up, threw on a sweatshirt and my glasses and went outside to check things out and saw my neighbors running down the street and a police car next to my garage. I was in such a daze that it took a minute for me to realize that my car wasn't where I parked it: I had pulled into the space in front of the right bay of my detached garage (because I really don't put it inside unless the weather is crappy) and it was now in a complete 180 degree position adjacent to where it had been parked. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that my car was completely f'ed up--the back was smashed beyond recognition.

A real gem of a human being* had come barreling down my road, slammed into my car and then smashed into my mailbox (which I eventually located 50 feet away in a bush) before driving into an intersection and taking off on foot (hence the searchlights in my backyard). The police eventually found him and he was arrested and my car was deemed a total loss. So now I am in the process of dealing with multiple insurance companies to a) get a new car and b) redo my front yard which is littered with the sad remains of my beloved previous vehicle.**

Eventually I will do a post on the magic that is turning 34, but for now, I'm cleaning up the collateral damage of 33.

Happy weekend!

*A serious gem: he had 4 outstanding arrest warrants and was driving with a suspended license, which deserves a long rant that I don't currently have the energy for.

**I am fully aware that this incident is a mere inconvenience, and while it sucks, in the grand scheme of things it's really not a big deal: no one was hurt and there are far bigger problems in the world. I'm just really pissed (see * above). 


  1. OMG. Thank goodness he didn't hit your house! Glad you and Olive are ok. Sorry about the car and yard. That blows. I hated 33. 34 was much better in my book!

  2. That is awful, I'm so sorry you have to deal with that mess. Thankfully you didn't encounter that driver while you were in your car.