weekend in pics.

Friday night sushi.
Bedside table carnations (sidenote: I don't know why these get such a bad rap--I love them and they last forever).

Yet another western Mass. lunch at my favorite place.

I had a pretty solid weekend--I ran a bunch of errands Saturday morning (which included picking up cotton candy grapes--so weird but good), had lunch with my sister and then made crabcakes for dinner. On Sunday I went to my grandparents' house to help with sorting through my grandmother's things--it was tough at times, but it was great to bring back memories and share stories with everyone. I'm hoping this week goes fast--work has been rather stressful lately and I'm seriously counting down the days until Labor Day weekend.


  1. Carnations are hearty and pretty at the same time. I like to think they embody us New England woman - we're also hearty and pretty.

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