weekend recap.

I had a really great long weekend in Maine. Olive and I headed up on Thursday morning (I had been planning on leaving Wednesday evening but I couldn't seem to get organized, so Thursday it was). Our dear family friends have the place next to us, and they invited me to dinner at the Reading Room. I was so psyched to finally be able to go.

It was pretty hot (in the 90s which is crazy for Maine) but there was  nice breeze coming off the water which made everything much more bearable.

I had the vegetarian dish--it was puff pastry with wilted spinach and sautéed onions and mushrooms in a mushroom cream sauce, and it was heavenly. It was seriously such a great way to kick off my mini vacation.

I had originally thought that I'd have some company this weekend but it work out and I ended up flying solo--at first I wondered if I should just bail on the entire weekend because I was all by myself, but it ended up being great. I did my own thing and brought books with me to restaurants and really just enjoyed having a little "me" time--five years ago I never would have done that, but now I'm pretty comfortable doing things/going places alone.

I went to my usual places and had great meals (including the eggplant pesto ricotta pizza above) and plenty of wine.

I also treated myself to these earrings at Serendipity in Portsmouth--I had been looking for delicate gold studs for a while, and these were a steal at $14.

Olive thoroughly enjoyed herself--she loves going for walks around our neighborhood and checking out the beach (I had to pick her up a couple of times to bring her back to the house--she wanted to keep going and going).

To cap everything off, I played in a charity golf tournament on Monday. It was so much fun, but now I'm wiped and super crispy thanks to a lack of sunscreen. Here's hoping my relaxing weekend acts as a motivator at work!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Sometimes alone time is just what is needed!