{long} weekend things.

I couldn't have asked for a better, more low-key weekend. It was the perfect kickoff to the {unofficial} start of fall.

Friday night was super uneventful--I ordered sushi and watched You've Got Mail for the umpteenth time and I went to bed relatively early because Saturday morning my niece came for the day. We went to see my parents, went to the playground for some vigorous swing/slide time, dined on macaroni and cheese and ended our afternoon with a little Curious George--it was so great to have that one-on-one time with her.

After fried clams and too much wine Saturday night, I went for a run with my mom early Sunday morning (couldn't have asked for better running weather) and then we went for lunch/ran errands. I then made a rather delicious chicken marsala for dinner and watched some U.S. Open. Monday was perfectly lazy--I did some stuff around the house and then watched The Intern with Bloody Mary's and painted my nails. I had dinner with my dad (my mom was working) and then used this face mask and had my favorite sleepy time tea (which might become my new Sunday ritual). 

This was the first weekend in what seems like forever that I had nothing planned and could lie low--and I know it was only one extra day away from work, but it was exactly what I needed. Here's to a short week!

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