weekend in pics..

Dinner Friday night: Seafood Newburg in an acorn squash. I was in heaven.

Closet clean out: someone was not pulling her weight.
Getting cozy by the fire.

First of all, where did September go? I can't believe it's already October...although the temps around here have certainly been fall-like. I finally caved on Friday and turned on my heat when I realized that my house was a balmy 57 degrees.

My weekend was pretty busy but good: delicious dinner with my parents on Friday followed by errands on Saturday and babysitting my niece. On Sunday I did the big summer to fall closet changeover and got rid of a bag and a half of clothes, which was rather liberating. I then watched a little football and spent some time with my cousin and her boyfriend from Kansas City who came up for a wedding this weekend--we never get to see her so it was great to catch up. Sunday night was spent starting When in French (I like it so far).

Here's to a hopefully painless Monday.

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