generic leaf picture while taking a breather on our hike.
obligatory olive snuggles.

most delicious brunch at aquitane
After last week's events, I was completely wiped and emotionally drained come Friday so I did an early night of way too much Chinese food and some reading ('m currently reading The Nightingale and it's making me have weird war dreams but I like it). I felt somewhat refreshed on Saturday so my dad and I did a 3 (plus or minus) mile hike of our local mountain. It was just what I needed, and I celebrated my athletic endeavor with beer and sliders with my brother (which was another thing I needed). Saturday was, again, a lowkey night and I watched It's Complicated with ravioli and went to bed early.

On Sunday my mom and I hit up Ikea (I needed a larger jute rug for my living room along with all of the other random things Ikea sucks you into) and then we stopped at Legacy Place on our way home. We had the absolute best brunch at Aquitane--I had the croque madame and my mom had the benedict provencal and we shared truffle fries. I then spent an obscene amount of money at Sephora (and I am OBSESSED with this purchase) and later I hosted my parents for dinner (we had steaks from Whole Foods that were delicious). It was a busy but good weekend, and my fingers are crossed that this week flies by--I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.

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