weekend recap.

Friday rosé at my parents' house.

Kettle chip encrusted fish sandwich for lunch.

Overdue post-birthday thank you notes.
Happy May! We had a brief bout of nice weather this weekend but now it's back to rain and fog and all I want to do is stay in bed. Not good.

Friday was very low-key: I had some wine at my parents and then came home for pizza and Dateline. On Saturday I had a leisurely lunch with my sister and brother-in-law at Tavern in the Square. We were able to sit outside which was amazing, and I had a delicious lunch (complete with way too many truffle tater tots).

On Sunday I did a Pure Barre class and a Trader Joe's run and was super productive with house stuff--I did a deep clean and finally wrote some thank you notes and I was feeling pretty pleased in terms of organization and everything. 

Then the strangest thing happened--I made a dinner I've made a bunch of times before (buffalo roasted cauliflower burrito bowl) and my tongue started to feel a little itchy and my lip felt funny. Before I knew it, my top lip had ballooned to 5x it's normal size. It was like a lip injection gone terribly wrong, so my mom came over to make sure things didn't get worse and I took some Benadryl. Eventually my tongue stopped itching, but my lip stayed huge. It was still a little bit swollen Monday, so it appears I will be making an appointment with an allergist.  


  1. That's so bizarre about the swelling! Did you use a different ingredient or brand then you normally do?

  2. This is a huge burger and i am sure you would have enjoyed your own company. Sometimes it is nice to treat yourself with a tasty food.