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I didn't mean to stay away for so long, but I have a good excuse: I sold my house!

Between packing everything up and celebrating the holidays, the past couple of months have been a total blur, but I'm so excited this finally happened. I put it on the market in the end of June and thought that it would sell quickly--there wasn't a ton of inventory in my tiny town and houses were selling at a fast pace, but mine just didn't. I definitely got frustrated in the fall (hence my vague references to being anxious for things to happen) and I thought multiple times of pulling it and trying again in the spring, but everything clicked in December. While bittersweet, I know the people who bought it will love it as much as I did.

The reasons for me selling are twofold: first, I really didn't need to be living in a four bedroom house by myself--it was just too much. I thoroughly enjoyed decorating it, but I had two rooms that went essentially unused. Second, I need to get out of the sticks. While I love the area and I love being close to my family, there is nothing going on here which makes things very tough for a single lady.

I have zero regrets about buying it--I spent a really great three years there and it allowed me to build equity and have a good foundation for my next move...which is yet to be announced. I plan on staying with my parents for the next couple of months while I figure out job stuff and I hope to move at the end of the spring. I will say my destination is in another state and one of my favorite stay tuned.

Here's to 2018 being the year of new adventures. I'm so ready and so excited.

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  1. So thrilled you sold your house! I totally get how living in the "sticks" is har when you are single. Can't wait to see what's next. Here's to living with your parents while going through times of transition! (We are lucky our parents love us enough to have us back. Ha.)