a very perfect saturday.

The back of one of my favorite houses I always pass on Olive walks.

The most incredible lobster scallop toast at the Honey Paw.

Scales bar views.
Did you have a good weekend? Mine was rather uneventful for the most part (early to bed Friday followed by a lazy and laundry-filled Sunday), but Saturday ended up being perfect. 

I started at Pure Barre and then headed out for cold brew and a breakfast sandwich--I had big plans to hit up Tandem Bakery but when I got there the line was out the door and I definitely did not feel like I popped into YordProm and had the most delicious (and huge) ham and cheese croissant that was quite fitting for Bastille Day.

I planned on just hanging at home, but I decided I needed social interaction so I walked downtown to the Honey Paw for a late lunch. I had an incredible lobster and scallop mousse toast followed by bun cha gio--both were delicious and I'll definitely be going back to try their dinner. I was just going to head home after that, but I decided to grab a drink at Scales and it was perfect. I sipped wine and read my book (All Is Not Forgotten -- started slow and then I got into it) and was back in time to feed Olive dinner. It really wasn't super eventful, but it was a random and fun way to spend the day (and something I NEVER would have done when I was younger and hated going places by myself).

Finally, these shoes arrived and I've been working on breaking them in -- I told myself I would never wear Birkenstocks but with all the walking I do I need something a little more supportive that won't completely tear up my feet (and I apologize to my mom for giving her so much crap for wearing them--such a rude daughter).

Here's to a good week!


  1. I have the same Birks. Tommy HATES them, like despises them. So, I only wear them when I'm not with him since he doesn't wear an awful pair of athletic slides around me. Ha.

  2. I have the same Birks too! I am loving your life in Portland... I hope you get this comment because I have been trying to comment on the other posts and it hasn't been working!