thanksgiving week.

someone refused to go outside in the snow.

one of many festive holiday beverages.

my thanksgiving contribution: smitten kitchen's union square cafe bar nuts.

a very cute Sam.

beach photoshoot.

It's Tuesday and I think I'm still recovering from last week's Thanksgiving festivities. It was a fun-filled family week.

I headed down to Massachusetts to my parents' house on the Saturday before so I could dog-sit their dogs--they went to Bermuda to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary for a few days. I had a pretty crappy cold but took full advantage of their whirlpool bathtub and ample amounts of wine. On Sunday I picked up my sister in Boston and we did a little shopping downtown and had the most delicious martini at Atlantic Fish Company (they use crabmeat as a garnish and it was divine). The days leading up to Thanksgiving were a blur of eating and drinking and prepping--we met up with my brother for the best chicken wings around and it was nice to have some sibling time.

Thanksgiving was hosted by my parents and it went by way too fast, but I loved seeing my mom's side of the family and my nieces. On Friday my mom and sister and I headed up to Portland for some additional shopping and eating (a stop at Eventide was a must) and then we went to York and met up with my dad. The following day called for a trip to Portsmouth for Small Business Saturday and my sister and I continued to eat our way through the weekend. She went back to Pittsburgh on Sunday, and I was so glad to spend all of that extra time with her since she's not going to be home for Christmas.

I wish I did a better job of documenting it, but that was my week! Now I'm trying to hold off until December 1st to start decorating--I'm very excited for the next month of holiday celebrations.

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  1. Love that picture of you and Olive on the beach! Sounds like a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Packed with family, the only kind worth having.