weekend things.

a mezcal cocktail while waiting for takeout at The Honey Paw

$3 slice of pizza at Bonobo.

a desperate attempt to channel spring with flowering branches.

Hello! I'm back after finally getting over a rather ridiculous respiratory infection. I don't usually get sick, but when I do, I get sick hard.

This weekend was low-key, but very productive. On my way home from work on Friday I stopped by The Honey Paw for cocktails and takeout. I had their lime, chili, coconut wings while I waited (they had just won best wings in Portland and did not disappoint) and then I brought home lobster toast and pork and crab mee goreng, which was delish and super flavorful.

On Saturday Olive and I went for a very long walk. She's very particular about where we go and doesn't like things to be cut short--the end result is usually me picking her up and carrying her for a bit to stop a very stubborn standoff. It was good to be in the fresh air despite the cold. I did some laundry and stopped by Bonobo in between loads for $3 pizza and a $7 beer--I might have to make it a regular thing. I also finished Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes) and it was insane--highly recommend.

Sunday started with Trader Joes, then Pure Barre, and I finally did my application to get my law license in Maine.

It was all in all a successful weekend, and now I'm bracing for snow. I can't wait for clean sidewalks sans ice and sand and salt.

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  1. That pizza looks delicious. Hope you did't get too hard with the snow!