a really good year.

christmas card 2019.

It's the last day of 2019--I can't believe another year is coming to a close. But this was a good one, and I'm really happy to be ending a somewhat tumultuous decade on a high note. Here's what the past year looked like.

I started a new job--this was definitely the highlight of the month (and honestly, the year). I'm really, really happy at work and I've met some incredible people as a result. My sister and best friend came to visit, and there was a bit of snow.

This month was super low-key. I didn't do much of anything except hibernate.

There was more snow, I hit a milestone of 100 classes at Pure Barre, and my mom came to visit. We ate our way through Portland, I did some traveling for work, and I also spent a little time at my family's place in York.

The snow finally melted. I turned 37, and I my sister came up for a visit at my parents' house. I continued to eat my way through town, and finally went to Street and Co.

I went to a pie making workshop with Joy the Baker (which was seriously the best and she's such a lovely person), and took a mother/daughter trip to Chicago. I traveled to Northern California for work and got to see the redwoods, and my mom retired from teaching at my high school alma mater. I also joined my company's softball team, where I added little value.

I went to see King Lear in NYC (Glenda Jackson was amazing), and my mom came up and painted my kitchen cabinets, which has completely transformed my living space. I spent more time in York, participated in a regatta where I got completely banged up, and spent some time getting tomato red at the beach.

It was hot. I went to the beach some more, spent some time in York and at my parents' place in Massachusetts, and flew down to Pittsburgh to see my sister and her husband. We ran a 5k, saw John Mayer and went to Picklesburgh and Fallingwater.

This was a tough month (and historically, I feel like August is always tough--crappy things happen in August). There was a cancer diagnosis for a member of my family which thankfully ended up being okay, but it was still a scary time. I also apparently ate a lot of cheeseburgers based on my photo library.

I had some health-issue fun of my own, and traveled to Tampa for work.

I had minor surgery and my brother and sister and I spent a weekend in Boston seeing the Head and the Heart. I enjoyed the fall foliage, celebrated my mom's birthday and traveled to rural Tennessee for work.

I went to Oklahoma for work and did a "Chopped"-style competition with work friends later in the month. My sister came up for the week of Thanksgiving, and we spent some time in Portland before heading down to our parents' for Thanksgiving, and then came back up to York. It was a crazy week but so, so much fun--always one of my most favorite times of the year.

It snowed a little, and my mom and I went to see David Sedaris (I love him). I took another quick work trip to Illinois, ate some oysters, and got festive. Christmas was super low-key and consisted of celebrating Christmas Eve with my brother and his family, and hanging with my parents on Christmas Day.

And that's pretty much it. Some months were definitely better (and more exciting) than others, but I had a really good year and I'm pretty pumped to see what 2020 brings.

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