august, in pics.


Well, not sure how another month has speedily passed us by, but here we are: the last (partial) week of August. I am personally very much looking forward to the cozy times to come and easing into all things early fall. Here is what I was up to the past couple weeks:

my sister, brother, and sister-in-law came up for the Gregory Alan Isakov concert at Thompson's Point. We had a delish dinner at Fore Street first, and the concert did not disappoint. 

a fun work outing at a Portland Seadogs game (my first time, and I will definitely go again).

hit up scarborough beach a couple of times and got rather tan.

enjoyed the garden at my parents' house.

went to the cape for a mini bachelorette/ bridal weekend for my cousin who is getting married in september (which is crazy to think about).

ordered a new fancy dress for said wedding. 

had radishes and brown butter at one of my favorite local spots, friends and family.

the bug swallowed and regurgitated a peach pit, which resulted in a trip to the emergency vet and a major freak out from yours truly, but she is fine. 

Here's to getting to getting into the post-summer grind.

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