weekend things.


scarborough beach.

I had a great beach day yesterday--it started off a little overcast but the clouds quickly burned off and I was able to dive into the ocean and get destroyed by waves. I had big plans of spending the day at the beach for the 4th as well, but Mabel had some sort of allergic reaction and broke out in hives (this has happened before and I have no idea what causes it but it's stressful and terrible and she's so uncomfortable). We ended up lying low and she was back to her old self by Friday, which was a relief.

Wimbledon has been on daily, I started Presumed Innocent on AppleTV (very good), and I've been reading Kevin Kwan's Lies and Weddings, which is the perfect beach read. I have also been living off of Hetty McKinnon's Dumpling Tomato Salad with Chili Crisp Vinaigrette: it is a super easy delicious summer meal.

Here's to July!

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