sweater weather.

As all of you New Englanders are well aware, it has been sooooo cold out. Olive refuses to go out without some sort of  jacket, and even then she's shooting me nasty looks as she does her business. It's not fun.

But I found something that's making my excursions outside a little more bearable:

I scooped up this cardigan at Old Navy for a steal (today, it's an extra 30% with code EARLYGIFT), and it's perfect for the bitter cold weather we've been having as of late--super cozy and heavy and great for lounging.


  1. Old Navy sweaters are my jam, currently. They're SO soft and really affordable. I have a few in my cart for their 50% off sales this Friday..

  2. I am totes probably going to get this so that we can be twinsies!!!

  3. So very cute! I need to check it out!