weekend in pics.

Lychee Martini // Edamame with Lime // Sushi Extravaganza // Giant Mimosa // Greasy Breakfast // Fancy Wine

I had such a fun weekend: Friday my sister came to my place and we went out for cocktails and sushi (so delicious) and then we watched Parenthood and tormented Olive. We were very productive  Saturday morning and went out to eat at what I thought was an International House of Pancakes, but turned out to be an entirely different restaurant that did not disappoint with their super-sized (and cheap) mimosas. We ran errands and went back to my parent's house and drank my most favorite pinot noir ever, because that's what Saturdays are for.

Sleepy Jetes // Turkey Hats // Dad and the Hud
Sunday was supposed to be the first of two Turkey Trots, but with the wind chill creating a temperature  of around 4 degrees and my two running partners being asthma sufferers, we decided running was for the birds (bwahaha). We went to my sister's house instead where we stuffed our faces with french onion soup, grilled cheese and a fabulous spread of apps.

How was your weekend?


  1. 9:46 am. Craving looooots of sushi. And mostly craving all of that booze.

  2. Your weekend in pics was a lot more exciting/pretty that mine! I would have a picture of Jax and I on the couch. It was nice though. That sushi looks soooo good!