the birk is back.

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I'm really not sure how I feel about this: the Birkenstock is back (in J.Crew, no less). Now, on one hand, I'm all for nostalgia: I rocked Birkenstocks in my quasi-"skater" stage back in the mid-90's (both the sandal and clog version) and there is no doubt they were beyond comfortable.

However, would I rock them today? I am completely on the fence (a fair-weather Birkenstock-wearer, if you will). They honestly might be too hippy-dippy for my current wardrobe.

I'm very interested to know: would you wear Birkenstocks in 2014?


  1. Skate or die! Don't think I could rock the birk these days.

  2. I am not a fan. I had a pair in high school and I just looked ridiculous in them.

  3. Don't think I can do it.... I read this whole thing in Vogue a few months ago and was intrigued. I took a better look and was like no way. So not me.