weekend recap.

This weekend...

  • my mom slept over my apartment Friday night, and it was fabulous: we ate sushi, drank wine, and watched "Her" which was rather depressing. It definitely made be question the merits of checking my phone constantly and entering into a relationship with an operating system.
  • Saturday I did a lot of lounging in my parents' Adirondack chairs--the weather was gorgeous and I soaked up every minute of it--the night was capped off with turkey burgers, butter crunch ice cream and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"--so great.
  • Yesterday my mom and I did a Target run for exciting things like dish soap and Flair pens, and then stuffed our faces at suburbia's finest dining establishment (hint: baby back ribs). I spent the remainder of the day bracing myself for the week: I'm headed to the midwest for what will surely be a crazy workweek--happy Monday!


  1. Walter Mitty might very well be the best movie I've seen all year...that haircut scene was awesome!
    wink wink

  2. That chair and a book, please!

  3. I heard such bad things about WM I didn't see it. Have you seen Philomena? Amazing.