{long} weekend in chicago.

skyline views.

art institute lunching.

little goat brunching.

ramen at slurping turtle.

sitting on top of the world.

On Thursday the 25th, I hopped on a plane with my mom and sister headed for Chicago. My sister had a work trip so my mom and I decided to join (my mom had never been before, and I was excited to show her my favorite places). We were a bit delayed on our flight out and by the time we got to the city we just dropped our stuff off at the James and went to Shake Shack for a late dinner (so good).

My sister was in meetings all day on Friday so my mom and I headed to the Willis Tower first thing--we still had a bit of a wait, but it was well worth it for the city views and the super scary ledge. We made our way to the Art Institute for a delish cheese and wine lunch, and meandered around the museum for a bit. When my sister wrapped up her day we went to Pops for pre-dinner drinks and truffle fries. Then we headed to Slurping Turtle for dinner--I hadn't realized that Restaurant Week coincided with our trip, but it ended up working out great: I enjoyed a four course dinner for a fraction of the usual price.

On Saturday we went to the West Loop for breakfast at Little Goat and it was amazing. It had always been on my list of places to go and I was super happy with my "Bull's Eye French Toast": eggs in a french toast hole with fried chicken and bacon maple syrup. We then walked around a bit and later had a bite to eat at Eataly and drinks at The Purple Pig.

That night we went to Boka for dinner--I was rather annoyed to be seated a 1/2 hour after our reservation time, but it ended up being one of the best meals I've ever had. We did the four course menu with wine pairings and each course ended up being more delicious than the previous--if you're in Lincoln Park I highly recommend.

And on Sunday we headed home--it was a quick but perfect trip (and we totally lucked out with the weather being in the high 30's/40s). I can't wait to go back. 

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  1. That Willis tower glass bottom thing looks petrifying!!! I feel like the older I've gotten, the more afraid of heights I have gotten.