I'm still here (and life lately, in pics).


some cozy coq au vin for two at Chaval.

I tried the ham and cheese croissant at ZUBakery (just nominated for a James Beard) and it did not disappoint.

Mabel got some snuggles in with my parents' dog, Fiona.

My sister and I went back to Eden Roc for a little escape from the winter doldrums, and it was perfection.

We were hit with not one, but two snowstorms when I got back, and it almost destroyed me.

I got a new linen quilt from Quince, and it has made it exceptionally difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

I wasn't meaning to completely disappear after such a strong start to January, but man, February and March sure are tough months. I was just feeling blah. The trip to Miami helped a lot (as it always does), and then we were hit with snow and it put a huge damper on any motivation I thought I had. But, it seems as though things have turned around, finally--the sun exists, it's been warm (relative to Maine) and I'm so looking forward to opening my windows and getting fresh air.

I have some fun things planned on the horizon, and I'll be checking in here more frequently. 

I promise. 


life lately, in photos.


steamy bagel pickup.

snowy view outside my living room window.

saturday lunch at empire chinese.

I got a second piercing, on a bit of a whim.

a bug, of course.

It's the last week of January, and what a weird month. At times I felt like it was flying by, but right now it feels like January 100th. It was pretty quiet for me overall, with some very lowkey weekends and work travel gone wrong. The weather has been snowy, and I've been very content with hunkering down but I also start 1/2 marathon training next month and need to get my butt outside to run--here's hoping for no icy roads. And here's to February, may it be a good month!


the thursday special.


goop himalayan salt scalp scrub

I'm the first to admit that some of the goop products are a little suspect, but I'm a huge fan of the Himalayan salt scalp scrub. My scalp gets greasy quickly, and this scrub is super exfoliating and gets rid of all of the buildup and junk that regular shampoo can't--I use it once a week/every ten days or so, and my hair feels and looks so much better.


three things I have my eye on.


( 1 )

( 2 )

( 3 )

    1.  Like everywhere across the county, it is freezing in Maine right now. Thankfully, I have a trip to Miami in March to look forward to, and I'm very tempted to get another Emerson Fry Caftan. It's the perfect beach/pool coverup (I already have it in navy), but it's also great for as a breezy dress on a sweltering day. I know I would live in it this summer.
    2. I recently got rid of my standard coffee maker and have been relying solely on my original Nespresso machine (so old they don't make it anymore) and Grady's Cold Brew. I was perusing the Williams Sonoma website and I saw they have models that make espresso and coffee and I'm tempted to upgrade to experience the best of both worlds. 
    3. We're deep into the dark doldrums of winter and my pale face is showing it. The Salty Face Tanning Water keeps showing up in my Instagram ads (thanks, algorithm!) and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued--it looks like the perfect natural glow to get me to summer. 


the thursday special.


arc'teryx patera parka

It's winter and it's freezing and I'm here to recommend my favorite winter coat if you're in the market for one. I bought the Arc'teryx Patera a couple of years ago (when it was $200 cheaper) but I would buy it again today--it is incredibly warm, even by Quebec City standards, and has down insulation on the inside and Goretex on the outside--one of my biggest pet peeves are down jackets that have no rain protection (because what good is that going to do when it is actually snowing/sleeting/being disgusting?) and this checks all the boxes while also looking pretty sleek. Get this instead of a Canada Goose, I promise you won't regret it.  


a controversial renovation.


photo by Matthew Williams for Architectural Digest

photo by Matthew Williams for Architectural Digest

photo by Matthew Williams for Architectural Digest 

photo by Matthew Williams for Architectural Digest

The top photo was posted to AD's instagram back in August of last year, and I was immediately obsessed. I absolutely love the juxtaposition between old and new, and it works (despite a slew of comments on the post indicating otherwise). I will forever appreciate keeping on old house that was on the verge on disrepair intact and adding updates instead of bulldozing for a new build. 


the thursday special.


stendig calendar

Every December, I make sure to place an order for a new Stendig Calendar for the upcoming year. I hang it on the wall above my desk: it's a great reference throughout the day and it's aesthetically pleasing--so much so that it's in the Design Collection at MOMA. (Fun fact: the designer, Massimo Vignelli, considered the calendar's number 23 "graphic perfection"). I love the alternating black/white backgrounds per month, and since it's so big, the sheets can be used as wrapping paper once the month is over. If you have the wall space, I highly recommend.