snow, lately.

Our local church, post-storm.

One of my favorite local houses.

Crappy weather calls for Olive snuggles.

A pre-Christmas celebration at my grandparents' house (c.1790).

After a very low-key sushi night on Friday, I woke up to around 8 inches of snow and I was loving it (the shoveling, not so much). I finished wrapping presents in the morning and then walked to town to meet my mom for lunch. Everything was so quiet and pretty with the snow and it made me so happy.

On Sunday I woke up early and did a PB class with my sister and ran a couple of errands (which included Iggy's bagels and Whole Foods' lox and scallion cream cheese--the best) and then we headed west to celebrate an early Christmas with my grandparents and my aunt (who I visited earlier this year in Mexico) and I had the best time. We ate and opened presents and it was absolute perfection spending that time with them.

I'm really hoping this week goes by fast, because I'm in full Christmas mode and punching a clock is cramping my holiday style.


christmas card 2016.

As per usual, I got my cards from Minted. I love all of their options for designs, they ship super fast, and they're almost always offering a coupon code.

It also helps to have photogenic subject matter.


a perfect, festive weekend.

Happy Monday--we're waking up to 1/2 a foot of snow this morning, and I'm not that mad about it...especially because I'm working from home. I really don't mind the snow in December/January, but come March I'm ready to hop on a plane and not come back until June. Oh, the joys of living in New England.

On Friday I was super productive and got all of my Christmas cards in the mail--I'll post what I sent later this week.

On Saturday my mom, sister and I headed into Boston for the Nutcracker--I was looking forward to this for months. It's my absolute favorite holiday event.

We stopped at Bostonia Public House first for brunch--it was our first time there, and it was really good. I think downtown Boston can be tough in terms of finding a good breakfast/brunch spot, but this didn't disappoint--I would definitely go back. I kept things light and healthy with their short rib biscuits and gravy.

We then made our way to the Nutcracker, and it was amazing--my mom got great seats and it totally put me in the Christmas spirit. After a cocktail at the Four Seasons and some quick shopping, we made our way home and I went to bed super early.

On Sunday my sister and I did an early Pure Barre class (it was a struggle getting out of bed but I'm so glad we went). We then ran a bunch of errands and I was able to finish my Christmas shopping. For once I feel totally on top of gift giving and it's a huge relief. (Sidenote: I was super pumped to see that Target is carrying a ton of Hammond's candy for stocking stuffers--get the Pigs and Taters bar. Trust me).

I spent the rest of the day wrapping presents and watching movies, and made Ina's meatballs for dinner. Although the weekend was completely jam-packed, it was completely perfect.


weekend in pics.

Olive was ready for the weekend.
On Saturday I met my brother, sister-in-law and niece at Parker's for pancakes.

It was so festive and cozy and I stuffed my face.
Then we went to Pierce's, and I bought a tree.

I relaxed with some Elf...

...and did some decorating. It's not as fat as last year's, but respectably husky nonetheless.


color crush: grey houses.

michelle adams via one king's lane

via jackie greaney's instagram
this house was for sale in kennebunkport two summers ago and I was obsessed with it

portsmouth houses
a very blurry drive by of a house in York

My house is currently yellow with green shutters and I believe it's been some version of this combination since it was built in the early 1900s. Right before I purchased it, it was "spruced up" with a hack paint job and the yellow is a little too yellow. It's not my favorite. I have dreams of taking off the shutters (they're original and are always falling off and driving me crazy), replacing all of the windows and painting the house a dark blueish grey. While there are a number of other projects I need to tackle first, I'm hoping eventually my grey house dreams will come true.


hi, december.

moody tugboats in portsmouth.

Ahhhhh, where has the time gone? I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is upon us. I'm determined to end 2016 on a high note and I plan on packing as much cheer into the next month that I can muster (I have a rather high capacity for cheer).

Thanksgiving was great--my cousins and sister slept over my house Wednesday night and then we spent the day at my parents' house. Dinner was delicious and it was great to have some serious family time. I headed up to Maine with my parents on Friday and my mom and I met my sister in Portsmouth for lunch. We shopped and ate and were cozy by the fire, and it was the perfect weekend.

On Sunday I was super motivated to get festive, so candles went up in the windows, swag went on the doors and I managed to put fresh garland on my staircase which was no small feat. Also, I can't sing Trader Joe's holiday decor praises loud enough--I believe the swag and a 20' garland were $6.99 each (and although I was super bummed they were out of boxwood, we managed to track some down at holiday farm stand #3).

Happy December!