a fashionable bike helmet?

epoch stay gold.

epoch speedway creme.

heritage thousand navy.

Have you heard of thousand? Founded by Gloria Hwang (formerly of TOMS) who lost a friend to a fatal bike accident, thousand makes "a bike helmet you'll actually want to wear". I got a new cruiser for my birthday and after having multiple family members have pretty serious bike accidents through the years, I knew I needed a helmet. I ended up going with the navy, and it honestly reminds me of the kind of helmet I wear horseback riding, which I love. And, you can easily lock the helmet to your bike (the "thsd" emblem pops out and you can put your lock right through it) so you don't need to carry it with you around town. I highly recommend.


a very perfect saturday.

The back of one of my favorite houses I always pass on Olive walks.

The most incredible lobster scallop toast at the Honey Paw.

Scales bar views.
Did you have a good weekend? Mine was rather uneventful for the most part (early to bed Friday followed by a lazy and laundry-filled Sunday), but Saturday ended up being perfect. 

I started at Pure Barre and then headed out for cold brew and a breakfast sandwich--I had big plans to hit up Tandem Bakery but when I got there the line was out the door and I definitely did not feel like I popped into YordProm and had the most delicious (and huge) ham and cheese croissant that was quite fitting for Bastille Day.

I planned on just hanging at home, but I decided I needed social interaction so I walked downtown to the Honey Paw for a late lunch. I had an incredible lobster and scallop mousse toast followed by bun cha gio--both were delicious and I'll definitely be going back to try their dinner. I was just going to head home after that, but I decided to grab a drink at Scales and it was perfect. I sipped wine and read my book (All Is Not Forgotten -- started slow and then I got into it) and was back in time to feed Olive dinner. It really wasn't super eventful, but it was a random and fun way to spend the day (and something I NEVER would have done when I was younger and hated going places by myself).

Finally, these shoes arrived and I've been working on breaking them in -- I told myself I would never wear Birkenstocks but with all the walking I do I need something a little more supportive that won't completely tear up my feet (and I apologize to my mom for giving her so much crap for wearing them--such a rude daughter).

Here's to a good week!


weekend things.

Friday night Chinese takeout from Empire (with a seagull photobomber).

Evening beach scene.

My favorite pizza: medjool date and soppressata from When Pigs Fly.

It. Is. HOT.

I suppose I don't have it as bad as most given my proximity to the ocean, but the humidity was insane this weekend and I don't have air conditioning in my condo--it was built in 1890 and the cooling system consists of opening windows (which I'm not so inclined to do at night since I'm on the first floor).

On Friday (before the heat set in) I got my favorite Chinese takeout from Empire--I love the orange beef, bacon fried rice and walnut shrimp. I went to bed relatively early since work was crazy last week and I was all over the place and totally wiped.

Saturday I was a complete waste of space but managed to get laundry done and watched Amélie.

And Sunday after Pure Barre I made my way down to York to stay at my family's place and enjoy the A/C (I was a little worried about Olive getting overheated, so it worked quite nicely that we had that option). We ended the weekend with a walk on the beach and the best pizza and salad from When Pigs Fly.

It was a rather uneventful weekend, but was just what I needed. And I ordered the Dyson cool fan for $100 off at Amazon, so fingers crossed it works like a charm and cools things down.

Here's to a short week!