french 75 redux.

This weekend was glooooorious--my sister and two of my very dearest friends came over Friday night, and we had a great time catching up. Saturday I went to my cousin's baby shower and was able to see a bunch of family, and Sunday I did my taxes and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. It seems like spring is finally here--I even went for a run.

Post-run, I deserved a cocktail and the warmer temps called for a refreshing drink. I decided to make a French 75...with a twist.

A French 75 traditionally consists of gin, champagne, lemon juice and simple syrup. I used Hendrick's and subbed St. Germain for the simple syrup and the results were amazing--definitely my new favorite summer cocktail.


suburban (eh, rural) life.

When I made the decision to purchase my first home, I was simultaneously making the decision to live in the middle of nowhere. Although I grew up in central Massachusetts, there are undoubtedly times in my adult life when I miss walking out the door and having a plethora of amazing restaurants and nightlife to choose from--but with a long-term view, I ultimately want to settle down and raise a family in the sticks.

This leads to my current struggle of having fun places to go while living in an area where there is not a lot going on.

Which brings me to road trips.

Last night, MET and I ventured to the Waterhouse in Peterborough, NH. I had eaten there last fall for brunch after my sister Mer ran her first marathon, but I'd never been for dinner. And it was DELISH:

Clockwise from Top Left:
Menu, French 75, Tuna, Fried Mushrooms, Quail.

It was such a fun dinner, and I'm looking forward to going back when the weather is better and being able to sit outside on their patio--well worth the trek.

We stopped for a nightcap at Harlow's Pub which was another fun spot:

We didn't last for their Wednesday night open mike, but I could definitely see myself coming back on a weekend for some greasy food and beer.

It was a fun Wednesday...for the sticks.


weekend recap.

This weekend, I...

...painted my downstairs hallway Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It took FOREVER, and I still need to make my way upstairs, but I'm really loving the color.

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...started reading A Little Life. I'm not that far into it, but I've heard such good things.

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...ran a 5K with my mom, sister and MET. It was for a good local cause, but it was brutal. I hadn't run since (maybe?) November 2014 and the event served as a gentle reminder that I am completely out of shape. I'm hoping my debilitating soreness is a motivator to get back into the running game.

...reintroduced Olive and my niece Piper at my parents' Easter Brunch. Olive was a little uncertain, but I think they'll be BFFs eventually.


birthday wishlist.

birthday wishlist

The big "33" is a few weeks away--this is what I have my eye on:
  • Backgammon Set: There are few things I enjoy more than kicking butt at backgammon (especially if that butt belongs to MET).
  • Bose Headphones: If all goes according to plan work-wise, there will be a bit of travel in my future and nothing would make me happier than canceling out the noise from my fellow road warriors.
  • Patagonia Better Sweater: My sister has this one and I want to copy.
  • Diptyque Santal Candle: This scent is my favorite--you can never have too many.
  • Frenchie Doormat: Obviously.
  • New Balance Sneaks: They're sold out of my size on the website, but I'm hoping someone can track them down.
  • Fitbit: I need to start getting serious about my fitness.


this or that.

this or that?

I've always been a Guadalquivir gal myself, but after seeing the Ikat in last month's issue of Architectural Digest, I might be swayed...