merry, merry.

Christmas card 2018.

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays - I spent the last week at my parents' house in MA, and we had a perfect, low-key celebration. I'm looking forward to heading back up to Portland to ring in the new year and fresh start for 2019.


happy december.

tree is up.

ceiling decorations at sichuan kitchen.

the BEST cereal ever.
Happy December! November went by super fast--I can't believe it's the last month of 2018.

I spent the weekend decorating and getting in the holiday spirit, and I was really excited that my Dominique Ansel Christmas Morning Cereal arrived on Friday. I bought it last year and it is so, so good but ordering online is somewhat stressful. They only make a limited amount and it goes on sale each Friday at noon so you need to be ready to order immediately. I lucked out and I can't wait to enjoy this Christmas morning.

Saturday I did a Pure Barre class and went to Trader Joe's and Target. I bought all of the truffle things at TJs and Target was a total nightmare (it reminded me how glad I am for online shopping). I spent the rest of the afternoon decorating and my place is looking very festive. Later I had dinner with my friend M. at Sichaun Kitchen, which is an authentic Chinese restaurant in Portland -- I had never been there before but it was really good. We split the veggie dumplings and I had ants climbing a tree (cellophane noodles with ground pork and spices) and I'll definitely be going back.

Sunday was dreary and gross so I spent the bulk of the day binging Game of Thrones--I finished season one and I'm excited to get through the rest. Later I made The Pretty Dish Roasted Garlic Tomato Bisque, which I think would have been really good but I accidentally bought fire roasted tomatoes with green chilis and it ended up being really spicy (so spicy that my face started sweating and my glasses fogged up. So that was fun). I'm going to try it again sans chilis.

And that's pretty much it--I'm all done with my holiday shopping and need to get my Christmas cards in the mail, but I'm really looking forward to savoring as much of this month as I can. it's my favorite time of year.