four closet staples.

catbird earrings.

j.crew sophie open-front sweater-blazer.

blundstone boots.

everlane work pants.

Checking in with some things I've been living in lately. I'm in the process of a bit of a closet revamp, and I'm all about purchasing pieces that can be mixed and matched and are good for work (my office is pretty casual, but I like to keep things professional Monday-Thursday).

  1.  Catbird Earrings: I bought these about a month ago, and I haven't taken them out since. They're super tiny, 14k gold studs that go with everything and I have zero issues sleeping in. I used to always wear pearls, but I wanted something that I could leave in and forget about and these were the ticket (also, at $26 per earring, the price is pretty great).
  2. J.Crew Sophie Open-Front Sweater-Blazer: I'm obsessed with this blazer. I bought it when I first started my new job (in heather khaki, heather grey, and bright cerise) and I'm planning on snagging the navy and black versions soon. It's the perfect piece for work and I also love it for the weekend--my only caveat is that it runs pretty big so it might be worth sizing down if you're not into the boxy look (I personally don't hate it).
  3. Blundstone Boots: I'm admittedly pretty late to the party on this one (almost everyone in my family has a pair) but these boots are the best. They've been great for the late winter/early spring slushy Maine weather and they're incredibly comfortable. I love them with jeans, but I've worn them to work with a sweater dress, too.
  4. Everlane Work Pants: These are my new go-to. I've retired all of my old J.Crew Minnie's and I'm slowly adding multiple colors of these pants to my collection. I love the fit (the legs aren't super tight and the waist is high, which is great) and they look good with everything, from heels to sneakers. (I also love the back-slit version).


weekend things.

maple duck confit hash at Chaval.
Happy Monday--did you have a good weekend? Mine was pretty low-key, and I was totally fine with that. On Friday I went to Mi Sen Noodle Bar with some friends. I was wiped after a long week but it ended up being great to get out and catch up. We shared chive cakes (so good), crab rangoons and then I had drunken noodles that I requested to be low spice but ended up being super spicy. I was as red as a tomato, but it was worth it.

Saturday I took a Pure Barre class, grabbed lunch at Pai Men and watched The Inventor on HBO, which was insane. I had read Bad Blood, but no amount of descriptors can truly capture her deep voice. I highly recommend. And that evening I decided to just hang with pizza and The Favourite, which I also recommend--it was great.

Sunday called for laundry and a long walk with Olive in the 50 degree weather, and I also went to Chaval for brunch--it was Maine Maple Sunday so they were running a special of maple duck confit hash and I had to have it. So lucky to have such a delish restaurant right up the street.

And that was it--this week is going to be a little nuts with some travel for work but I'm looking forward to mixing things up a bit. 


life lately, and spring.

Richard Avedon exhibit at the PMA.

Bibimbap bowl special at the Honey Paw.

Hopefully the last snow of the season.

Early morning empty street views.

You guys, March is tough. I don't know if it's my least favorite month, (do people even have a least favorite month?) but it's been really difficult to plod along these last couple of weeks. Although I will admit, the time change has certainly helped--the fact that it's light out when I get home from work is a game changer.

And today is the first day of spring.

I'm treating this as a fresh start of sorts. I know that January is the month for resolutions and doing better and working out and blah blah blah, but I've decided that this year, I'm going use the first day of spring as an opportunity to refresh. And what better day? It's the time of growth and renewal and buds and all of that other positive stuff. (Not that things have been bad--not even close. I just think this time of year calls for a little revitalization after winter winds down).

So, what are my spring resolutions? #1 is run--I know this has been an intermittent theme throughout this entire blog where I say I'm going to run and I miss it so much and it makes me feel great...but there is little to no follow through. But I resolve to run! #2, and this is somewhat minor, but do a deep clean of my closet. It's going to be a combo of Marie Kondo-ing and also facing reality that things, including my body, change and I should get rid of things that don't fit. It's a process, and I'm ready to face it.

Happy spring!

I'm optimistic and ready (for now).


weekend things.

a mezcal cocktail while waiting for takeout at The Honey Paw

$3 slice of pizza at Bonobo.

a desperate attempt to channel spring with flowering branches.

Hello! I'm back after finally getting over a rather ridiculous respiratory infection. I don't usually get sick, but when I do, I get sick hard.

This weekend was low-key, but very productive. On my way home from work on Friday I stopped by The Honey Paw for cocktails and takeout. I had their lime, chili, coconut wings while I waited (they had just won best wings in Portland and did not disappoint) and then I brought home lobster toast and pork and crab mee goreng, which was delish and super flavorful.

On Saturday Olive and I went for a very long walk. She's very particular about where we go and doesn't like things to be cut short--the end result is usually me picking her up and carrying her for a bit to stop a very stubborn standoff. It was good to be in the fresh air despite the cold. I did some laundry and stopped by Bonobo in between loads for $3 pizza and a $7 beer--I might have to make it a regular thing. I also finished Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup (about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes) and it was insane--highly recommend.

Sunday started with Trader Joes, then Pure Barre, and I finally did my application to get my law license in Maine.

It was all in all a successful weekend, and now I'm bracing for snow. I can't wait for clean sidewalks sans ice and sand and salt.