snow, lately.

Our local church, post-storm.

One of my favorite local houses.

Crappy weather calls for Olive snuggles.

A pre-Christmas celebration at my grandparents' house (c.1790).

After a very low-key sushi night on Friday, I woke up to around 8 inches of snow and I was loving it (the shoveling, not so much). I finished wrapping presents in the morning and then walked to town to meet my mom for lunch. Everything was so quiet and pretty with the snow and it made me so happy.

On Sunday I woke up early and did a PB class with my sister and ran a couple of errands (which included Iggy's bagels and Whole Foods' lox and scallion cream cheese--the best) and then we headed west to celebrate an early Christmas with my grandparents and my aunt (who I visited earlier this year in Mexico) and I had the best time. We ate and opened presents and it was absolute perfection spending that time with them.

I'm really hoping this week goes by fast, because I'm in full Christmas mode and punching a clock is cramping my holiday style.


christmas card 2016.

As per usual, I got my cards from Minted. I love all of their options for designs, they ship super fast, and they're almost always offering a coupon code.

It also helps to have photogenic subject matter.


a perfect, festive weekend.

Happy Monday--we're waking up to 1/2 a foot of snow this morning, and I'm not that mad about it...especially because I'm working from home. I really don't mind the snow in December/January, but come March I'm ready to hop on a plane and not come back until June. Oh, the joys of living in New England.

On Friday I was super productive and got all of my Christmas cards in the mail--I'll post what I sent later this week.

On Saturday my mom, sister and I headed into Boston for the Nutcracker--I was looking forward to this for months. It's my absolute favorite holiday event.

We stopped at Bostonia Public House first for brunch--it was our first time there, and it was really good. I think downtown Boston can be tough in terms of finding a good breakfast/brunch spot, but this didn't disappoint--I would definitely go back. I kept things light and healthy with their short rib biscuits and gravy.

We then made our way to the Nutcracker, and it was amazing--my mom got great seats and it totally put me in the Christmas spirit. After a cocktail at the Four Seasons and some quick shopping, we made our way home and I went to bed super early.

On Sunday my sister and I did an early Pure Barre class (it was a struggle getting out of bed but I'm so glad we went). We then ran a bunch of errands and I was able to finish my Christmas shopping. For once I feel totally on top of gift giving and it's a huge relief. (Sidenote: I was super pumped to see that Target is carrying a ton of Hammond's candy for stocking stuffers--get the Pigs and Taters bar. Trust me).

I spent the rest of the day wrapping presents and watching movies, and made Ina's meatballs for dinner. Although the weekend was completely jam-packed, it was completely perfect.


weekend in pics.

Olive was ready for the weekend.
On Saturday I met my brother, sister-in-law and niece at Parker's for pancakes.

It was so festive and cozy and I stuffed my face.
Then we went to Pierce's, and I bought a tree.

I relaxed with some Elf...

...and did some decorating. It's not as fat as last year's, but respectably husky nonetheless.


color crush: grey houses.

michelle adams via one king's lane

via jackie greaney's instagram
this house was for sale in kennebunkport two summers ago and I was obsessed with it

portsmouth houses
a very blurry drive by of a house in York

My house is currently yellow with green shutters and I believe it's been some version of this combination since it was built in the early 1900s. Right before I purchased it, it was "spruced up" with a hack paint job and the yellow is a little too yellow. It's not my favorite. I have dreams of taking off the shutters (they're original and are always falling off and driving me crazy), replacing all of the windows and painting the house a dark blueish grey. While there are a number of other projects I need to tackle first, I'm hoping eventually my grey house dreams will come true.


hi, december.

moody tugboats in portsmouth.

Ahhhhh, where has the time gone? I can't believe Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is upon us. I'm determined to end 2016 on a high note and I plan on packing as much cheer into the next month that I can muster (I have a rather high capacity for cheer).

Thanksgiving was great--my cousins and sister slept over my house Wednesday night and then we spent the day at my parents' house. Dinner was delicious and it was great to have some serious family time. I headed up to Maine with my parents on Friday and my mom and I met my sister in Portsmouth for lunch. We shopped and ate and were cozy by the fire, and it was the perfect weekend.

On Sunday I was super motivated to get festive, so candles went up in the windows, swag went on the doors and I managed to put fresh garland on my staircase which was no small feat. Also, I can't sing Trader Joe's holiday decor praises loud enough--I believe the swag and a 20' garland were $6.99 each (and although I was super bummed they were out of boxwood, we managed to track some down at holiday farm stand #3).

Happy December!



generic leaf picture while taking a breather on our hike.
obligatory olive snuggles.

most delicious brunch at aquitane
After last week's events, I was completely wiped and emotionally drained come Friday so I did an early night of way too much Chinese food and some reading ('m currently reading The Nightingale and it's making me have weird war dreams but I like it). I felt somewhat refreshed on Saturday so my dad and I did a 3 (plus or minus) mile hike of our local mountain. It was just what I needed, and I celebrated my athletic endeavor with beer and sliders with my brother (which was another thing I needed). Saturday was, again, a lowkey night and I watched It's Complicated with ravioli and went to bed early.

On Sunday my mom and I hit up Ikea (I needed a larger jute rug for my living room along with all of the other random things Ikea sucks you into) and then we stopped at Legacy Place on our way home. We had the absolute best brunch at Aquitane--I had the croque madame and my mom had the benedict provencal and we shared truffle fries. I then spent an obscene amount of money at Sephora (and I am OBSESSED with this purchase) and later I hosted my parents for dinner (we had steaks from Whole Foods that were delicious). It was a busy but good weekend, and my fingers are crossed that this week flies by--I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.


recent obsessions.

jmclaughlin faux fur collar

I had been on the hunt for a faux fur collar for a couple of years now, but every one I found was either a) not faux or b) stupidly expensive. The J.McLaughlin catalog arrived on my doorstep at the beginning of the week and I was super excited to find their willo collar featured inside--I quickly bought it and I can't wait to wear it with sweaters and blazers all winter long. I'm also obsessed with this coat...I might be adding it to my Christmas list. I love a good faux fur.

zara super soft plain scarf
Continuing the neck accessory theme, I also scooped up two of Zara's super soft plain scarves (in grey and camel) and I'm in love. They are huge and so soft and perfect for this time of year--they'll also be great for travel. They come in a bunch of different colors and don't break the bank at $29.90. I know I'm going to get so much use out of both of them.  

Wishing you a very cozy and happy weekend!



maine sunrise.

Oh, hello. Once again, I've let this little blog fall by the wayside--I haven't been up to anything too exciting, which is probably why I've neglected to post. That said, time is flying: I can't believe it's already November and the sun is now setting at 4:30. I've been so tired lately (partly due to early morning workouts and traveling to an office) and the lack of daylight is not going to be good for my overall functioning. I'm notorious for quasi-hibernation in the winter months.

Aside from my seasonal complaints, I had a great long weekend in Maine a couple of weeks ago--I'm trying to figure out how I can relocate there full-time, because it's seriously my happiest place.

While at Stonewall Kitchen headquarters in York, I picked up their Roasted Apple Grille Sauce and made what might be the most delicious pasta sauce ever--stayed tuned for the recipe and a giveaway this week--I seriously loved it that much.

Thanks to a heads up from my mom, I bought these boots in grey and I'm obsessed--they are so incredibly comfortable and I also love that they come up to my kneecaps which is no small feat. While they aren't a total copycat of  50/50s, at $39.99 you can't beat the price.

On my way home from work, I've been listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast--at first I wasn't sure I liked it (I started at the beginning) but it's so weird and disturbing and it has totally grown on me.

Another thing I'm loving is a new nail polish discovery: I've been self-performing my manicures and pedicures as of late, and after reading this article I decided to try Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel. So far, it's great--super shiny and I love the thicker brush. I'll be sure to update with my thoughts after I've had it on for a while, but so far, it totally looks like a salon manicure.

One thing I wasn't so enamored with: When in French. I know I had said before that I liked it, but I definitely jumped the gun--I was expecting more of a memoir and it ended up being super heavy on historical references of language which had me like "meh". I forced myself to finish it, but it was definitely not my favorite.

That's all I've got--have a good week!


dining room: before and after.

I wish I had today off, but alas, I'm back to the grind (and looking forward to a long weekend in Maine in 5 short days--I need a mini break). I thought I'd share the before and after of my dining room, which is one of the rooms that is almost 100% done. I just need some window treatments and perhaps a rug and I should be in good shape.

The before:

This was taken from the real estate listing, so I apologize for the quality, but it gives the gist of the room--they had recently replaced the floors with a dark hardwood and the walls were covered in a paintable textured wallpaper (that is/was throughout the majority of the house). The cabinet was removed by the seller, and I was not enamored by the chandelier, but there wasn't a ton to do in this room.

The middle:

I replaced the chandelier with one from West Elm (similar here) and I painted the walls a light gray that was a nice contrast with the dark floors. I set up my old table and chairs from my previous loft apartment but I had my sights set on a new table because the old one was really too small and not conducive to having people over for dinner.


My current dining arrangement is on loan from my mom--the vintage Herman Miller chairs and tulip table belonged to my grandparents, but after my grandmother passed away and my grandfather moved into a smaller apartment, they needed a place to go. My parents didn't really have a place for them in their for the time being, they're staying with me. I absolutely love the design and the colors and the retro-feel it brings to my dining room, but most importantly, I have so many incredible memories eating around this table. Fondue parties, Thanksgiving buffets and breakfast with mini sugar cereals (that we were otherwise never allowed to have growing up) were all enjoyed in this very spot, and every time I walk past my dining room I'm immediately reminded of my grandparents.

I'm so grateful to have this part of them in my home, and I can't wait to continue their traditions and start some of my own.



I am so glad it's Friday. This week was a long one and I'm really tired. I'm looking forward to a relatively low-key weekend with lots of couch time (and Olive snuggles, which I suppose goes without saying).

Some highlights from this week:

  • I had drinks with my BFF S. from law school--she works in Hartford and I'm going to be traveling to Connecticut a lot more for work which means there will be lots of meet ups in our future. We lived a block and a half away from each other on Marlborough Street when we were in school (I still miss that apartment), and I love being able to get together with her more frequently.
  • I ordered the iPhone 7--I was due for an upgrade, so it was free and it came yesterday. I'm pretty excited and I just need this case to arrive and I'll be in business (because knowing me, I'll drop it and ruin it if I try to use it without the case). 
  • I started Pure Barre again. They were running a special (6 weeks unlimited for $100) and it was too good to pass up. It's far from where I live now, but I know it's going to be worth it because a) it worked before b) paying for classes makes me work out. I'm already so sore from going on Wednesday.
So that's it--have a great weekend!


weekend in pics..

Dinner Friday night: Seafood Newburg in an acorn squash. I was in heaven.

Closet clean out: someone was not pulling her weight.
Getting cozy by the fire.

First of all, where did September go? I can't believe it's already October...although the temps around here have certainly been fall-like. I finally caved on Friday and turned on my heat when I realized that my house was a balmy 57 degrees.

My weekend was pretty busy but good: delicious dinner with my parents on Friday followed by errands on Saturday and babysitting my niece. On Sunday I did the big summer to fall closet changeover and got rid of a bag and a half of clothes, which was rather liberating. I then watched a little football and spent some time with my cousin and her boyfriend from Kansas City who came up for a wedding this weekend--we never get to see her so it was great to catch up. Sunday night was spent starting When in French (I like it so far).

Here's to a hopefully painless Monday.


this or that: mules.

this or that: mules.

gucci / steve madden

I've always loved a good loafer (even though I had an epic wipeout in elementary/middle school when the wooden heel of my beloved Ralph Lauren suede loafers made contact with the shiny wood floors of the fancy restaurant where my family was dining and my salad that I had so carefully crafted from the buffet line went everywhere as I lay helpless on my back).

I digress: despite one bad memory, I love loafers and the classic Gucci Horsebit is on my forever shoe list. I know that mules are all the rage right now, but, living in New England, I just can't justify spending an insane amount of money on a shoe that is impractical for a large chunk of the year. However, I could justify spending $90 on the Steve Madden loafers that I saw first on The Neotrad. They're a little pointier than I would like, but at that price point, you really can't complain. 


weekend things.

When it comes to pumpkins, I like variety.

This weekend was the perfect start to fall--after temps in the high 70's last week, we finally cooled off into the low 60's and I loved busting out warmer clothes. Friday night I was so wiped from a crazy week at work that I had an early dinner of Chinese food with my parents and crashed early. On Saturday, my sister-in-law threw a surprise 30th birthday party for my brother--the weather was perfect, there was a band and great food and drinks (and he was pretty surprised, which was a huge plus). It was the perfect celebration and I loved seeing friends and family raising a glass to my little brother.

I slept in Sunday (I'm very fortunate to have a dog who appreciates sleep as much as I do), and then I grabbed a delicious brunch with my mom and sister. We stopped by LOFT because my sister and I both had LOFT cash from previous excursions, and I ended up buying two dresses and two shirts for under $100(!). I never really did a ton of shopping there before, but I'm loving all of the tunics and shift dresses they have right now (and you can't beat the price) After that, we stocked up on all things pumpkin-flavored at Trader Joe's and I bought additional real pumpkins for my house. I ended the weekend by making pumpkin bread (there's a theme here) and Ina's Butternut Squash Risotto and cozying up on the couch with some wine and The Affair. It was perfection.



This is how I have felt for the past week and a half (and what I deal with every morning).
The past week has been nuts. I had a whirlwind trip to Houston (which was fine thanks to flying JetBlue, staying in an okay hotel and TSA PreCheck) but the quick turnaround and associated work stress has left me totally wiped. I think the (non-work related) highlight was stopping into Biscuit Home. I have followed Bailey's blog for years and I was psyched to get a chance to see the store in person. I seriously wanted one of everything and could have done legitimate monetary damage--it was seriously the best.

This weekend my family headed to upstate New York for my grandmother's burial service. It was so sad and so sweet--I think what was hardest for me was the finality of everything. I knew what the outcome would be when she had her most recent cancer diagnosis, but even her memorial service didn't really prepare me for saying goodbye (if that makes sense?). It became real that she's gone. 

Sunday night I made Smitten Kitchen's Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake and it is so good, I think it might be a Thanksgiving side dish contender. I will definitely be making it again and highly recommend.

And now I need to make it through the rest of the week--I'm hoping after Friday things will start to settle down work-wise...fingers crossed. I need my sleep (and sanity).


weekend things.

Sunset view at dinner Friday night.

Best short rib tacos around.

I had a great weekend. Friday I went out to eat with my parents and we had the most perfect sunset to accompany our dinner--we were trying to soak up the last bit of summer (before everyone is relegated to the indoors for the next 6 months). On Saturday I went to run errands and stopped into LOFT--I seriously haven't bought clothes in forever and they were having 40% off so I snagged a few things, including this dress and this top  and I'm tempted to buy more--I'm all about tunics and shirt dresses. After my shopping extravaganza, I went to Red Raven for short rib tacos and wine, and I also started I Let You Go which I'm loving. Sunday I did a Pure Barre video and it totally kicked my butt--I need to get into a routine of doing videos since the actual classes are so far away from me. I finished off my Sunday with another dinner with my mom and dad--my mom made Gwyneth's scallops and they were so good. I went to bed stupid early because this week is going to be a doozy. It's a glamourous life.


friday thoughts.

New Hampshire leaves from late September 2014.

Victoria just did a post called Thinking Out Loud where she compiled some random thoughts she's been having and I loved reading all of her here's mine:

Habit I’m trying to break:

I have been so, so bad about getting up when my alarm goes off to work out before work. If I don't work out first thing in the morning it doesn't happen and hitting snooze has been a major part of my life for the last year and a half. My metabolism just isn't what it used to be and I feel so much better when I exercise, so I'm really going to try to work on this (and having a running buddy definitely gets me out the door so I'm going to try to do more group runs).

Habit I’m trying to continue:

Ever since I bought Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water, I've become a pro at taking off my makeup/"washing" my face each night. I like this so much more than cleansing wipes--it makes my skin so soft and my face doesn't feel dry afterwards--and it does a good job of getting rid of mascara. I'm a total convert.

Best experience of the summer:

This one is kind of bittersweet, but I would say spending time with my family when my grandmother was sick. I went out to Western Massachusetts almost every weekend with my sister, and I loved the time I got to spend with her, my grandparents and my aunt and my mom...and I also loved the time I got to spend one on one with my dad--we had dinner together almost every night while my mom was away and it was great to have that time with him.

Getting me excited for fall:

Oh my God, I'm so excited for the cooler sleeping temps. My bedroom gets pretty hot from the sun during the day and coupled with my abnormally high body temp I get hot when I sleep. I love this time of year when I can have the windows open with a cool breeze and I'm not sweltering under the covers. 

Current thing I’m learning to love about myself:

Ahhhhhh, this is a tough one. Raincheck?

Current thing I do love about myself:

I love that I'm happy and content being alone. For a really long time, I felt like total crap for being in my 30's (now mid-thirties) and not being married with kids, when 99% percent of my friends from college and high school are in that place. It took some time, but I can honestly say I'm happy. I think I've learned a lot about myself over the past 10 years and while there have been some serious bumps in the road, I think my experiences have shaped who I am and I'm feeling rather pleased with my current situation.

Book(s) I really can’t wait to read:

This is a tough one, because I'm book obsessed and usually read the "hot" books as soon as they're released (nerd alert). Most nights I prefer going to bed at around 8 and reading for a couple of hours in lieu of watching T.V. (which makes me question why I'm paying so much for cable), any suggestions for books you've loved as of late? Let me know!

Task I haven’t done yet that’s driving me crazy:

I have a closet in my dining room that's filled with various things and I really need to clean it out and organize it but I've been putting it off for too long. Every weekend I tell myself I'm going to tackle it (and it would seriously take a half hour) but I'm the laziest.

On the docket for this weekend:

Perhaps some closet cleaning and a run? Other than that, maybe picking up some mums for my front plan is sometimes the best plan.


{long} weekend things.

I couldn't have asked for a better, more low-key weekend. It was the perfect kickoff to the {unofficial} start of fall.

Friday night was super uneventful--I ordered sushi and watched You've Got Mail for the umpteenth time and I went to bed relatively early because Saturday morning my niece came for the day. We went to see my parents, went to the playground for some vigorous swing/slide time, dined on macaroni and cheese and ended our afternoon with a little Curious George--it was so great to have that one-on-one time with her.

After fried clams and too much wine Saturday night, I went for a run with my mom early Sunday morning (couldn't have asked for better running weather) and then we went for lunch/ran errands. I then made a rather delicious chicken marsala for dinner and watched some U.S. Open. Monday was perfectly lazy--I did some stuff around the house and then watched The Intern with Bloody Mary's and painted my nails. I had dinner with my dad (my mom was working) and then used this face mask and had my favorite sleepy time tea (which might become my new Sunday ritual). 

This was the first weekend in what seems like forever that I had nothing planned and could lie low--and I know it was only one extra day away from work, but it was exactly what I needed. Here's to a short week!


this or that: sneaks.

When it comes to sneakers, which do you prefer? I've been a 574 girl since college, but I've found myself drawn to the classic Stan Smith as of late...and at $75 for either pair, you're not breaking the bank.


j.crew september 2016.

{ via }
{ via }
{ via }
{ via }

As much as I've been loving summer, fall is fast approaching. We had some significantly cooler temps in New England at the beginning or the week and I have to admit, I didn't hate it. There was a nice breeze and crisp air and it made for perfect sleeping weather with windows wide open.

The taste of fall coincided with the arrival of the September J.Crew catalog, and I am seriously loving so many things. I think what I appreciate most is that they're bringing back classics each season and my closet will only need a few updates to recreate the outfits above. I have my eye on this white skirt, this purse and this sweater blazer. Happy weekend!